Host Your Own German Christmas Party

Germans really know how to hold parties, and Christmas is a great time of celebration in the country. So much so we’ve adapted many of their traditions, holding our own German Christmas markets in every main city and creating our very own Oktoberfests during autumn and winter.

If you love your German beer, meats and sweet treats and want to transform your garden into your very own biergarten, take a look at these tips about how to host your own German Christmas party, and thank us later!


You will of course need to set the scene for your German Christmas party. It is all about getting the decorations right in order to set the mood. Here are some ideas for traditional German Christmas decorations:

  • German paper stars

  • German paper star wreaths

  • Christmas tree ornaments – add branches of a Christmas tree to a vase and decorate with blue and white ornaments

  • Fabric stockings – make blue and white fabric stockings and adorn with Christmas animals

Remember you can decorate using your own Christmas decorations, hanging lights from the shrubs and trees and of course adding an outdoor Christmas tree to the scene. Try to add wooden animals, wooden soldier decorations and alpine scenes.

For a cute touch you could make traditional hanging gingerbread decorations and make one for each of your guests to take home with them or eat for dessert. And most importantly, don’t forget to put lots of oompah music on!

Figure Out Why You Want It

Figuring out why you want it should be your first consideration. Think about who would use it, where it would go, if the way it looks is more important than its functions.

It might help to ask others who have hot tubs, or to read about other people’s recommendations or experiences with different types.


Food is incredibly important at a German Christmas party. Your number one priority needs to be meat, lots and lots of meat. Consider barbecuing lots of traditional German meats as a great way to create delicious smells and serve hot food.

All you need to do then is put bread and condiments out to serve with it. Sausages are a particularly great option as they are cheap and easy to cook. Bratwurst, Nürnberger Rost bratwurst, Blutwurst, Frankfurters, Bregenwurst and Knackwurst are all great options and can all be found on German Christmas market stalls for sale, or you could have a go at making your own.

Serve with buns, horseradish, sauerkraut curry ketchup (for currywurst) and sweet mustard. Other great foods for the party are:

  • Soft pretzels served in big baskets

  • Salami meats

  • German cheeses

  • Hard pretzels

  • German cookies and candies

  • German potato salad

It is also worth looking into German canapes as an option if you’re going for a more formal affair. There are lots of great recipes online!


Obviously beer is a top priority – lots of it. There’s plenty to buy over here in supermarkets and you could even serve it in steins for that authentic feel.

As well as beer, Germans also have lots of other drinks they love including säfte (fruit juice), punch, fruit tea and schörle which is a mix of fruit juice and mineral water.

Other things to do

Entertainment - Your guests will be enjoying the food, drink and decorations but they could be having so much more fun with some traditional German party games!

Sing-a-long - Hand out lyrics to popular German songs like ‘Oh Tannenbaum’, Der Mai Ist Gekommen’, ‘Bayern Des Samma Mir’ and ‘Bien Herr’.

Fancy dress competition - Fancy dress is a must so it makes sense to award the best outfit!

Bavarian dance - If you can learn a few steps of Bavarian dance you could then teach your guests a few steps along with music.

Have fun!

Remember, you’re going to have a great time as long as you enjoy yourself and have fun! If you want to make things a little easier for yourself, ask guests to bring a dish each so that the pressure isn’t completely on you to provide different dishes.

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