How To Add Vintage Glamour To Your Outdoor Space

It’s official, the world has become vintage mad. From 80’s Madonna brows making a come back, to vintage shops cropping up everywhere, charity shops having their own vintage sections, celebrities launching their own vintage lines and people actively living in full 50’s vintage glamour with their hair and makeup everyday – it’s hard not to get swept up in the ultra glamorous vintage scene that is engulfing the world.

Where interior design has seen plenty of vintage inspiration from 50’s pastel colour schemes, to super chic Great Gatsby inspired furniture and opulence, our gardens seem to have been a little left out of this movement.

With such a huge space and so much potential, it makes sense to include this area in your love of vintage, and why not, it can look truly fabulous!Here are just a few ways to add vintage glamour to your outdoor space:


Pastels look particularly beautiful in the garden, and wreak of 50’s fun. Why not paint your fence a delicious pastel pink, or turn your boring brown shed into a beautiful duck egg blue and white beach hut? Pastels are an accessible way to include vintage glamour in your garden without going too retro.

Vintage Tiles

Vintage tiles look gorgeous next to raw brick, but can also look stunning integrated with plain patio slabs. Why not visit your local reclamation yard and source yourself some 60’s geometric print tiles, or some beautiful Victorian paving?

Mismatched is a trend as well, so don’t think you need to get tiles that are all the same either, odds work just as well as matching tiles. Consider integrating vintage tiles into your garden wall, using them along your path, or creating a vintage inspired crazy paving area amongst your shrubs?


For an easy on the eye 60’s WOW factor, monochrome could be exactly what you need in your garden to bring it the glitz of times gone by. Monochrome paving could look stunning, or you could consider using white or black tiling with coloured contrasting grout.

Wrought iron

If you’re looking for a beautiful romantic feel, why not opt for a wrought iron bench, wire planter or gate? Opt for a shabby chic distressed paint effect for that true authentic country cottage look and consider placing wooden planters filled with herbs and battered wellington boots at the side, just to complete the image.


For Victorian or 50’s inspired vintage, consider using florals in your garden furniture upholstery. Floral cushions bring a lovely bright, spring feel and are perfect for those looking to dip their toe in vintage without plunging in at the deep end.

Wildflower Sections

If you’re looking for vintage inspired plants, sections of wildflower in your garden you could create a really romantic Victorian country cottage feel.Consider combining poppies, peonies, roses, geraniums and wisteria together. You could also create a rose plant trellis if you don’t have room for a section of wildflower in your garden.

50s plants

If you’re looking for a true 50’s inspired garden, the main colours used were turquoise, black and pink. Use these as your guide colours for creating 50’s themed hanging baskets or pots.


A retro garden really isn’t complete without some bright and tacky garden ornaments. The tackiest of them all is flamingos which are one of the most iconic symbols for 50’s kitsch style and print.

You can actually buy ‘lawn flamingos’ some of which are based on actual 1950’s moulds. They simply stick in your lawn with wire legs and make it look pretty.

It may sound tacky but if you’re looking for that truly authentic 50’s feel, they are a must have!

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