How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden

Cats are lovely, funny, agile creatures that many of us love for their sense of independence and apparent lack of care for us mere ‘humans’ (unless we have their favourite treat of course!). However, just because we share our home with our favourite mogs, doesn’t mean we want to share our gardens with every feline in the neighbourhood.

And if we don’t like cats at all, it makes those lovely garden ‘gifts’ left by them even more infuriating. Here we talk about how to keep cats out of your garden!

If you’re tired of local cats scaring away your beloved garden birds, ruining the gentle nature haven you painstakingly created and going to the toilet in your roses, there are humane (and legal) ways for you to deter them from your property.

Stop Them Getting In

Even if you have extremely high garden fences, cats will still find a way in because they are amazing at jumping. What you can do is use a special strip easily available at DIY shops and garden centres, that you install yourself onto fences. It is made from rubber, and won’t hurt the cats but will deter them from climbing your fence.

Some people use string instead but it is not effective and can get tangled up in the feet of cats, birds and other animals.

Stop Them Ruining Your Veggie Patch

The fresh, soft soil in a vegetable patch, particularly inside greenhouses or poly tunnels, can be really attractive to cats who will go and dig it and go to the toilet if you don’t take precautions.

A cat digging and going to the toilet will not only bring up seeds and seedlings, but it will destroy veggies and form health issues, not to mention an almighty smell if your patch is under glass and it is a hot day.

You can net the area or fence it but, that is unlikely to make a difference. Instead, put obstacles around like sticks, stones and shells. Do not put cuttings down from thorny plants, as this may spread weeds into your patch and will encourage slugs and snails.

Herbs Cats Hate

Some herbs cats really do hate, which is great because it means we can have a garden that not only smells great but it also keeps the cats away. Geraniums, chives, garlic, citronella, lavender and rosemary are all particularly effective at deterring cats.

If you don’t want to plant anything new, consider getting the natural oils of these herbs and soaking them in cotton wall balls, leaving the balls around the garden instead.

Kitchen Stuffs Cats Hate

You could try sprinkling food stuffs around the garden that cats will hate including: citrus peel (any), raw onions, vinegar and chilli. You could rub chilli or onion onto the main areas the cats enter if you didn’t want to leave food around the garden.

Ultrasonic Cat Deterrents

These devices produce a noise inaudible to humans, but one that would be very loud to cats and keep them well away. These devices are controversial so do your research before using.

Some people complain as some can be heard by humans, others complain that their neighbour has one and it disturbs their pets. Some people also believe they are ineffective.

Take your time reading the different reviews, opinions and potential problems before purchasing, and consider trying other gentler tactics first.

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