How To Keep Your Home Cool

Typically, homes in the UK are designed to keep us warm, so it all backfires when we need to keep cool!

Here are some simple ways to keep heat in your home to a minimum you can try before rushing out to buy fans or air con units that might only get used for a few weeks of the year.

Close Windows & Curtains

Avoid jumping to open the windows at the first signs of heat as this can encourage cold air in your home to escape.

Closing windows, blinds, and curtains will act as a blocker to the heat being generated from the sun hitting your windows.

Close Off Rooms You Aren't Using

Hot & cold air moves around all the time. Closing off rooms you aren't using could stop cold air from going into them so it has more chance of reaching the places you are using.

Stay Low

We all know heat rises, so being lower to the ground can be a little bit cooler.

If you have pets, try to keep them downstairs (or low to the floor) where the temperatures could be more preferable.

Let Hot Air Out

After the peak sun and into the late evening, open upstairs windows to allow hot air out but be sure to close them the morning after, along with curtains & blinds.

Cooker Extractor Fan

You don't have to use the extractor just for cooking. Turning on anything that extracts air, especially in the kitchen which generates a lot of heat, will help remove air from your home - and because cooker hood extractors are typically head height they will most likely be taking warmer air out.

Don't Use The Oven

Try to have meals that don't need a lot of heat to prepare so you avoid using anything that generates heat.

If you can't go without hot meals, could you cook some fresh pasta & microwavable sauce pot that takes minutes to cook so time spent generating heat is minimal?