How To Rediscover Your Love For Your Garden

Are you feeling a little bored of your garden? Can you remember the last time you looked outside and felt yourself smile at how lovely it looks? Do you find you sit inside on sunny evenings wishing you could sit outside and actually enjoy your garden?

If this is you, don’t worry, you have simply fallen out of love with your garden. Perhaps you haven’t felt inspired to improve it much recently, or find you increasingly feel other people’s gardens are better. Perhaps the garden has stopped being practical for you to use, or you feel it is more hassle than it’s worth to get the garden into shape.

Whatever your reasons for turning your back on your garden, these tips should inspire you to rediscover your love for it and start enjoying it again:

Get practical

If there are practical reasons you don’t spend time in your garden, it is important you address those issues so you can reclaim it. You may have been putting off the issue for a while, which will only make matters worse. It’s time to face facts – the problem is not going away.

Write down exactly what the issue is and write a list of potential solutions to solve it. It might help to mull this over with a friend – two heads are always better than one! Here are some common practical garden issues and ideas to fix them:

It’s overgrown – choose a weekend or a week to get this fixed. It might seem like a lot to tackle but you must imagine how you will feel when it is cleared. Get friends and family involved and provide them with lots of snacks and drinks, as well as a celebratory party or barbecue in the garden when it is finished to say thank you. If pride is getting in your way of asking for help, let it go, these people care about your happiness, not the state of your garden and will respond to your call for help.

You can’t get to some areas because an injury, disability or age related issues mean they are out of bounds – don’t be afraid to tell trusted friends or family members, they will be more than happy to discuss solutions with you. Speak to your local authority about a disability grant to help you with garden accessibility (you can find out more about this here). Alternatively, if you have the savings, consider investing in some vital adjustments to your garden so you can reclaim the space back. If you don’t like either of those plans, there are low cost aids like temporary ramps, easy fix grip bars and adjusted seating that could help provide temporary solutions.

It just doesn’t suit your needs any more – in which case you will need to think about what you do need from your garden and make a list of improvements that could really turn the space into a big asset for you. Once you know what you want, you simply need to make plans on how to get it.

Get Stuck In

Whatever needs doing in your garden, the more you keep avoiding the issue, the worse it will get and the more likely you are to grow to dislike your garden even more.

Although weeding it, painting the fence, setting up new decking or anything else that needs doing, might seem like a mighty waste of time when you could be enjoying other areas of your home that don’t need TLC, you must think ahead to how good you will feel after the job is done.

The longer you leave issues outdoors, the worse they will get. The plants will keep growing, the fence will be open to damage from the weather if it is not repaired and you will still be sitting on soggy blankets on the grass if you don’t set the decking up. Treat it like a spring clean – it is hard work when you’re doing it, but it feels fabulous afterwards.

Get Creative

It may be that you have fallen out of love with your garden because you don’t feel it has your personal stamp on it anymore. Consider getting creative and imaginative with your garden so you can gain a sense of pride for how it looks, and so you can truly feel like you have inspired the atmosphere it creates.

Make cushions, plant some new colourful blooms, paint the shed that beautiful beach hut blue you have always loved, get yourself a new water feature, make your own glass jar candle holders – whatever you feel would look beautiful in the garden, create it and give it a go.

This is your space, reclaim it and put your stamp on it.

Make It Useful

Perhaps your garden is really pretty but you don’t feel it has much of a use other than to look good. If this is the case, there are plenty of ways you can make it work for you. Here are some ideas:

  • Install a hammock or hanging chair for a comfortable and serene reading space

  • Create a multifunctional eating area with a cover to protect from the sun and rain

  • Add a path leading to a seated area to encourage wanderings down the garden

  • Start a vegetable patch or grow herbs, veggies and fruits in pots on the patio, this will encourage much more interaction with the garden

  • Encourage wildlife to come – create squirrel platforms, bird feeders, bee hotels and butterfly gardens – if you love wildlife, make your garden wildlife friendly!

Remember, whatever your garden looks like now, it can be completely transformed in minutes or weeks depending on what you want to do with it. The point is – you can adapt it to your needs and wants because it’s your space! Reclaim it today and rediscover your love for your garden once again.!

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