Illuminate Your Garden This Christmas

Christmas is a really beautiful time of year, when everything looks prettier because of the frost, snow (if we’re lucky enough to get it), but particularly because of all the Christmas lights.

Often, during the winter we only get a small amount of time to enjoy our gardens because the hours of light are shorter, however, it doesn’t have to be this way and you can bring that special Christmas feeling to your garden, just by illuminating it.

Just think about it – you go to your local town to see the window decorations and Christmas tree, you put gorgeous lights all around the house, but your garden remains in the dark – it makes no sense really. Why not cover it in pretty lights and enjoy a cosy evening sat out with your family playing games and drinking hot chocolate?

Or just lighting it up and sitting by the fire pit with your partner and a couple of beers?Here are a few ideas to help you illuminate your garden this Christmas:

Novelty Lights

Many people think they are cheesy, others just love the fun of them. If you’re the latter, why not invest in some novelty lights for your garden?

You could have a giant glow in the dark snowman, some flashing ‘Merry Christmas’ signs for the tree, or if that’s all a bit too much for you, why not get some santa or snowman bulb covers for the fairy lights? They’re not too in your face and add a simple festive cheer to your decking area.

Net Lighting

If you have low bushes, or even particularly plump and large pot plants, net lighting could be a great option for you. It covers the whole bush really well, and is an easy way to illuminate an area very simply and easily.


Lanterns always look pretty and add a homeliness to any lighting display. Dot them along the path for a gorgeous light-lined walkway, or hang them from a low tree. Just be careful to practise safety when using lanterns with real flames.

Fairy Lights

Put them everywhere – they are just so magical! Twist them around branches, push them in jars and line the table with them, or just hang them around your windows (if outdoor suitable) – you cannot go wrong.

Wicker Animal Figures

Wicker animal figures add a gorgeous, winter woodland feel to the garden and look so cute on a lawn or even dotted around feature areas. They become extra special when they are lit up at night. To achieve this, simply get outdoor fairy lights and twist them around your wicker animal figures.

Icicle Lights

Many people think icicle lights are naff, but they can look so pretty hung off sheds and houses. They will also illuminate your garden if you use them at the back of your house. Consider adding them to a shed or around a conservatory.

Different Coloured Trees & Bushes

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about white lights. Many people think coloured lights should stay in the 1980’s, however, they can look really fun if used in the right way.

Why not use single coloured fairy lights for each bush or tree. So you have a blue bush, a red bush, a green bush, an orange tree – and so on.

Have Fun!

Remember, you’re trying to add lots of light to the garden, and often what can happen is what you think looks too much in the day, looks simply spectacular at night.

By adding lighting to your garden, at the very least you will be able to enjoy it more in the evenings and have cosy nights out there, and at the most, you’ll have very jealous neighbours wishing they had a winter wonderland in their backyard!

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