Infographic: A Second Hand Car Buyers Guide

Buying a car is a pretty big deal, so you will want to be absolutely certain that the vehicle is in top condition. This is especially important when purchasing a used car, as the seller could try to cover up damage from a previous owner and sell you a dud.

It is well worth taking the time to look at the car in detail and find out what questions you need to ask so that you can be assured that if you do go ahead with the purchase, you’re getting a quality vehicle.

Our good friends at First Aid Wheels have therefore put together a cracking infographic for us which should give you some great pointers when it comes to buying a second hand car. There are surprisingly quite a few things to look out for so next time you can make sure that you have tested all of the points below and feel confident that your next set of wheels will serve you well for a good few years.

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