Infographic: Why Are Fake Wheels A Problem?

When buying a car or deciding to get some slick new wheels it can be a problem to figure out the authenticity of the wheels you are purchasing. Tuning and modifying cars has been a popular trend for decades and with an influx of choices from bidding sites such as Ebay and easy accessibility to workshops abroad via the internet, restorers and modifiers can easily get caught out by fake wheels.

The discounted prices of knock-off wheels might seem very tempting when compared to authentic products, but the prices are cheap because the product is cheap. Fake wheels are not tested for compliance with safety standards and are often shoddily made just so that they are ready to trade for a quick buck. A safety test in Australia measured the impact on genuine wheels and fake wheels of a pothole that was hit at 50 km per hour (31mph), and the results were staggering.

Our good friends at First Aid Wheels have therefore put together a cracking infographic for us which should give you some great pointers when it comes to educating yourself about buying fake wheels. There are surprisingly quite a few things to look out for so next time you can make sure that you have tested all of the points below and feel confident that your next set of wheels will serve you well for a good few years.

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