Last Minute Christmas Home Decor Ideas

Even with the best of planning, there are times when Christmas can creep up on you. Perhaps you have been on holiday, busy with work or just lost track of time and you find yourself with a few days to go and needing to buy the turkey and decorate the house.

Buying the bird can be easily fixed with a quick trip to the shops or a few clicks online. But what about decorating the house? Is there a quick fix for that when you are short of time? We believe that we have the answer with our collection of top tips for transforming your home into a festive haven in as little time as possible.

Bottle Cap Reindeer

There is a good chance that during the festive season you will have some bottle caps lying spare around the house (or if you don’t then this is a perfect excuse to crack open a bottle of beer).

You can transform these bottle caps into a cute Christmas tree decoration by sticking on googly eyes, a red pom pom nose, pipe cleaners for antlers and some string. They look great and only take a few minutes to make meaning that you will have more time to clean up around the house instead.

Here's a great example from the Country Chic Cottage.

Starlight ball

If you have some battery operated fairy lights that are not quite long enough to hang around the house then they can be given a breath of life. Take a polystyrene ball and wrap the lights around the ball. With a string hanging from the middle you can then pop it on the ceiling or in the window.

Fruit snowman

Lacking any snow outside but still wanting to make a snowman? Then why not get inventive? Using 3 clementine’s piled up on each other and held together with toothpicks you can then finish off with candy canes, cloves and a liquorice lace scarf.

The most perfect centrepiece. Here's a great example.


If you have any ribbon in a craft box at home then you can use that to give your home a quick touch of festivity. Stick ribbon on the cabinet doors and over windows for a simple way to decorate the home.


If you live in an area that has readily accessible sticks then they can make a rather easy and pretty Christmas decoration. Gather the sticks up and pop into a vase, by draping some twinkling Christmas lights around the sticks you can create a shabby chic-esque decoration that looks fantastic and will last through to New Year!

Hopefully these last minute home decor ideas for Christmas will help you decorate your home in time! Make sure that no matter what you are doing this Christmas that you take the time to enjoy those who are most special to you rather then worrying about whether or not the Christmas Tree is evenly decorated!

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