Last Minute New Year’s Champagne

Who knew? New Year Eve is just about here. It seems like it was just Christmas last week.When you are pressed for time, there are some great bubbly wines that you can still get, even if you are grabbing it at the last minute. But no need to worry, here are some last minute fizz ideas!

1. Aldi offers Veuve Monsigny Brut for just £10.99

It is has light almond aroma with a citrus edge. Olly Smith of the Daily Mail rates this as his number one budget champagne for the year. It’s easy to see why. This is a complex and lovely fizz that is easy to find and pay for..

2. Pol Roger, Pure, Brut Nature NV Champagne for £34.99

This is a top shelf champagne at mid shelf prices. The crisp and bold nature of this fizz makes this a brilliant and elegant element at any celebration. Waitrose has Pol Roger on the shelf, so it is nice and easy to locate.

3. Les Pionniers Brut NV - Co-op for £16.99

Les Pionniers Brut NV is a wonderful bubbly to serve with food. Its round texture and full body pairs well with any meal or snacks. It is available at the Co-Op for just £16.99. This is the perfect fizz for a New Year’s Eve dinner and it is very easy to find.

4. Tesco finest Premier Cru is just £10

Made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, it a crisp bite from a citrus fruit with toasted aromas and an apple finish. It goes very well with canapes and seafood. The clean taste is ideal for your midnight cheer with friends and family.

5. Pierre Darcys Brut - ASDA £10 too!

This award-winning champagne has a wonderful apple flavour with a bright and bubbly temper. At just £10, it is a great bargain that will be able to fill glasses for you even if you have to buy it on December 30. In fact, it is good enough that your guests will think that you spent a great deal of time thinking about what champagne to serve.

6. Louis Delaunay - Tesco £10

Louis Delaunay provides a light and less that committal champagne. This might seem like a bit of a jab, but this is a very nice fizz that doesn’t overtake the mouth. The softness with a lemony subtlety is a great drink for those who would rather not have a large drink for the evening. Tesco has this for £10 per bottle, £7.50 if you buy 6 or more bottles

Finding a great bubbly for the big night is not difficult if you know where to look. This is only a partial list, but it should give you a great and interesting list to work with at the last minute.

Not matter what you choose, enjoy the evening, be safe, and, to you, we wish only the Happiest of New Years.

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