Leonardo Da Vinci Vineyard Reborn

An exciting project has been underway this year with Italian scientists using genetic testing in a bid to produce the same crisp wine that Leonardo da Vinci would have enjoyed on his estate over 500 years ago.


Experts have been recreating the vineyard that once belonged to Leonardo in order to sample the wine that people would have enjoyed more than 5 centuries ago.

Leonardo despite being famous for his inventions and paintings, was a true wine lover and received the vineyard in 1499 from the Duke of Milan. Following Leonardo’s death in 1519 the vineyard was left to two of his most loyal servants and was still in existence right up until it was destroyed in a bombing raid in World War Two in 1943.


The area of the original vineyard is now covered by a beautiful walled garden inside a stunning palazzo called the Casa degli Atellani in central Milan.

Researchers were given the go ahead from the owners to excavate and found that some vine roots had indeed survived. The roots were then genetically tested at the University of Milan to identify the exact vine. They managed to pinpoint the vine as the Malvasia di Candia, which can still be found Piacenza south of Milan.

The team have therefore replanted the Malvasia vines to recreate Leonardo’s original vineyard. Eventually people will be able to sample a wine that the people of the Renaissance will have enjoyed.

The Vineyard will be open to the general public as of next month in May 2015.

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