Let's Get Moving: Up & Down

By Hilary Stringer, life coach & wellness centre owner

When people look at starting to exercise, there’s the big question of 'how will I find the time?'

All the things I’m going to suggest in these mini-blogs are really easy to squeeze into even the busiest day and they are progressive so as you get stronger, you can do more still in a short time.

Take The Stairs

Now that we can get out and about again, there are ways to fit more movement into your day at the office, shopping or even at home.

It’s tempting if there is an escalator or a lift to let it take the strain. But how about making it a habit to take the stairs? Where I live we are on a steep hillside and my phone records my walk both in distance and in flights of stairs climbed. It makes a real difference putting some altitude into your walk. Look for the option that will let you build exercise into your normal journey.

Take The Stairs Twice!

If your home has stairs, when you come down, go up again and down again. Simple. You’ve doubled your distance in one go.

Embrace being forgetful and having to go back for something you left up there – then go up and down again. Before you know it, you’ll have more strength in your legs and ready to tackle longer distances on the flat.

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