Let's Get Moving: Walk To Work

By Hilary Stringer, life coach & wellness centre owner

If you have to go out most days, look at how you can increase your distance with little extra effort. If you’re on the bus, tram or metro, get off one stop sooner. If you’re in the car, park further away – yes, even on rainy days. If you’re taking kids to school, get them to join in by walking more of the distance.

But I Work At Home…

Sorry, still no excuse.

It’s actually a great way to start your day to walk yourself to your home office. It also helps to get you out of your pyjamas and ready to face the world on Zoom. Find a short walk that you can do from your front door and make it a habit – yes, even on rainy days. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your alertness when you do sit down at the keyboard.

But I Don’t Work…

If you’re at home looking after the family, chances are you’re already getting lots of exercise running around after everyone, but you can still look at adding a short, relaxing walk to your daily routine if you can find someone to watch the kids for half an hour. It can help to boost your mental health too and give you some vital ‘me time’.

I’m Retired….

Enjoying your retirement? I bet there are still plenty of times when you are out and about and could add a little extra distance to your day. Walk twice around the shops. Walk part of the way to meet friends at the local café – but don’t get tempted into too much chocolate cake or you’ll undo all the good work!

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