Liechtenstein – A Pearl in the Alps

Liechtenstein is found in the heart of Europe, neighboured by Switzerland and Austria. The country is a gorgeous destination, rich in greenery, mountains and warm welcomes.

The small country may not be one of the most popular tourist destinations, but Liechtenstein has an abundance of offerings for tourists.


Liechtenstein is a superb country to visit to immerse yourself in European traditions and to enjoy relaxing atmospheres in sumptuous spas. The Alpine surroundings make for wonderful walking possibilities and tourists can enjoy a variety of dining experiences following a busy day in the fresh air.

Liechtenstein promotes tranquility and relaxation at all opportunities, with nature reserves that attract visitors from across the world, this is a country that embraces outdoor space with indoor luxury.


Liechtenstein observes a variety of annual events and tourists are welcome to join in such celebrations. Perhaps one of the most popular and busy events in the country is the Christmas market that takes place in Vaduz (the capital) each December.

Mirroring the markets seen throughout Europe at the end of each year, Liechtenstein becomes incredibly festive, with music, food, drinks and stalls, the markets are an unmissable event for tourists. Other annual events include the Liechtenstein carnival, Funkensonntag, the Liechtenstein Fair and Wimmlete.


Visitors to Liechtenstein have a variety of accommodation options to consider. There are a wealth of hotels that suit all budgets available and some exquisite, luxury possibilities exist. The country is also scattered with youth hostels, guesthouses, apartments and campsites.

Liechtenstein’s weather mirrors that of mainland Europe, with cold winters and warm summers. Tourists are advised to consider temperatures when arranging accommodation.

What to do

TheActivities in Liechtenstein include a variety of winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing. With such stunning surroundings, it is unsurprising that Liechtenstein promotes outdoor pursuits to entertain tourists.

Mountain bike hire is popular, as is mountaineering, trekking and hiking.Tourists with children are likely to make use of exceptional parks, cinemas and Kinderland. Some of Liechtenstein’s most popular sights include Vaduz castle, a hillside castle that is visible from miles away and marks the capital of the country.

Art lovers will enjoy a visit to the Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts, where contemporary and modern works are displayed. The Calculator and Typewriter Museum offers a fascinating insight into the history and development of both items and Neuguthof Adventure World offers excellent family fun with mazes, a petting zoo and large playground.


Cuisine in Liechtenstein is varied and encompasses a variety of European influences. The country is home to several vineyards and so excellent wines can be bought easily. Liechtenstein also houses two breweries and so local beer is available and highly recommended.

Traditional Liechtensteinian dishes include Käseknöpfle (a cheesy pasta dish), venison and arguably the most popular dish, a cornmeal dish called ‘Ribel’.

Liechtenstein is not one of Europe’s most visited countries and as such, seems like an unspoilt and hidden gem. This country is guaranteed to provide a warm welcome and lasting memories, with many tourists visiting again and again.


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