Life As A Brit In Germany

There may be a tumultuous history between the UK and Germany and a football match between the two may arouse more passion than most, but the country attracts thousands of British residents and many find it hard to ever leave.

What is it about Germany’s offerings that make this an area that Brits would find more attractive than their own green land? This article explores the attractions of Germany and what it is that makes Brits call this country ‘home’. What is is like as a Brit in Germany?


It’s not all sausage and pickled cabbage in Germany, in fact some dishes rival the humble fish & chips. Germany’s culinary expertise revolves highly around meat dishes, and pork in particular. The ever-efficient German nature leads many dishes to be cooked in one-pot and with the bitter cold that the winter months bring, a German one-pot dish is unrivalled for comfort and flavour.

Eintopf, which literally means ‘one pot’ is a stew made of broth, vegetables, potatoes and meat (normally pork, beef or chicken).For an all-round favourite, the famous schnitzel is served in almost every imaginable German eatery. The boneless cut of meat which is coated in breadcrumbs is a firm favourite with Brits, as there’s something reminiscent about the battered protein available with fried potato option!

Follow any main dish with the undeniably delicious sweet offerings in Germany and any nationality will be tempted to relocate. Offerings such as Rote Grutze (a red fruit pudding), Apfelstrudel (you guessed it – apple strudel) or Lebkuchen will give any humble Brit reason to move.


Germany has an abundance of work opportunities and employment options are similar to that in the UK. As would be expected, Germany works incredibly efficiently, with well-placed structures and linear processes. Management structures are solid and employees tend to know their rights and what is expected of them perfectly well.

Although a lot of Germany has English speakers and a great deal of businesses request English as a second language requirement, Germans do appreciate people speaking their language. In order to secure work in the country, do not be surprised if an employer requests a level of German knowledge.

Some of the major cities are international hubs for a variety of industries and engineers, consultants, technicians and sales-people travel into such areas on a daily basis. Although many won’t speak German, any business relationship will benefit from an effort from international workers.

Another important point to note with regards to work (and pastime activities) is that unlike the UK, German shops do not open on a Sunday. Sunday is very much acknowledged as a day of rest in Germany.


German entertainment is a similar as it is varied to UK offerings. That is to say that the entertainment activities enjoyed in the UK can be readily found in Germany, but there are also a wealth of additional options.

Whether it be beer festivals (Oktoberfest is a not to be missed event), mountaineering, town carnivals, water sports, tier-parks (similar to UK petting zoos, but often with a unique array of animals) or one of many man-made beaches and health arenas, Germany will never allow for boredom.


There’s no avoiding it, many UK expats in Germany find German attitudes and personalities quite different from their own. Unlike the stereotypical British reserve, Germans are often more assertive direct and blunt.

This can catch Brits off guard to begin with, but it will soon be embraced as a welcome obviousness and the clarity will quickly become appreciated. Germans are more likely to address issues factually and with a more determined effort, whereas Brits in the country may become more aware of their hesitations and over-thinking of all situations.

So fancy seeing more of Germany?

Many Brits are often astonished how beautiful, friendly and interesting Germany is, so book yourself a city break to start you off. Top Cities to visit with relatively cheap flights are, Berlin, Munich, Cologne (Köln), Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and many more!

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