Lovely Winter Walks

Despite the cold, the season of winter can be one of the most sublime times to explore the outdoors. The wilderness of Great Britain is never more evident than when roaming through some of the country’s greatest walks with a distinct nip in the air.

Walks that are leisurely and beautiful through warmer months take on wholly different identities in winter, making them more hostile and somehow thoroughly inviting. The following article considers some of the UK most breathtaking winter walks.

St James’ Park, London

St James’ Park boasts that it has the highest mean temperature of any UK location, making it the ideal place for a winter walk to escape the nippy air. There’s something magical about St James’ Park – the history, the culture, the surrounding landmarks and the potential for romance, fun and relaxation.

The park allows walkers to explore a range of emotions, memories and imagination can run wild here. The peaceful space in the heart of England’s capital is an exceptional location for a rejuvenating winter walk.

White Cliffs of Dover, Kent

There’s no arguing that the White Cliffs of Dover are a breathtaking sight and a stunning walker’s route at any time of year. They make for one of the most perfect destinations for winter walks, when the white coastline embraces the chill and wild seas below.

Walkers can enjoy the nippy air and breathtaking views whilst adopting the perfect opportunity to reflect and reminisce in an awesome setting.

Offa’s Dyke, Knighton

Strolling along the routes of Offa’s Dyke allows walkers to explore the land of the border between England and Wales.

Winter walks in this area still allow for exceptional views of the Shropshire countryside and Welsh mountains. The area is home to some excellent local pubs and a warm welcome is guaranteed after a nippy winter walk.

Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire offers a host of walking opportunities and each is guaranteed to be enjoyable and refreshing. In the winter, a stroll in Wicken Fen is thoroughly stunning. Staring out across the flat plains of the Cambridgeshire Fens allows walkers to retire their stresses and enjoy the season.

There’s something truly rewarding about exploring flat land and this area allows walkers to focus on their thoughts and enjoyments, rather than challenging inclines. Furthermore, this area is home to an abundance of wildlife and walkers can enjoy the company of a wide range of birds, cattle and ponies.

Loch Lomond, Scotland

All of Scotland’s Lochs offer stunning walking routes, but winter leads to a mesmerising scene at Loch Lomond. This romantic, rugged and awesome location provides the perfect area for relaxing strolls and routes that encourage reflection and appreciation.

There’s a sense of escapism when exploring the paths that run around Loch Lomond and walkers are sure to benefit from the fresh air, stunning scenery and exceptional local hospitality in nearby hotels and pubs.

Hadrian’s Wall, Various Northern Sites

Walking along Hadrian’s Wall at any time of year is magical as it evokes thoughts of Roman history and highlights the hostilities of the British countryside.

Littered with quaint pubs, many with open fires, walks here are sure to lead to you meeting like minded souls and enjoying local hospitality and warmth like nowhere else.