Making Water More Interesting

In an earlier article we talked about the benefits of staying hydrated throughout the day, but let’s be honest, two litres of water a day can be pretty boring, right?


Water can be as delicious and interesting as you make it.

Water Infusions

Infuse your water with any combination of fruit and herbs according to taste. For example:

  • Cucumber & Mint – add equal parts cucumber and freshly chopped mint to chilled water. This can help boost healthy bones and skin as well as being super refreshing on a warm day.

  • Strawberry & Lemon - add equal parts strawberry and fresh lemon (remove those pesky pips) for water which will improve your mood and can help as part of a detox or weight loss plan.

Iced Tea

Try Coconut Water Matcha Latte.

A combination of coconut water, a small shot of matcha and a ton of ice. Matcha is an antioxidant, has calming properties and is thought to protect against some cancers.

Laurel from has a published quick & simple recipe for the Coconut Water Match Latte.

A Water Cocktail

Water can even be used as a Mocktail's main ingredient at a summer barbecue, as this recipe for a Cool Collins shows.

With a blend of fresh mint leaves, lemon juice, sugar and sparkling water, simply add an umbrella and a fancy straw for that party feel.

Why not give these a go? You will never struggle to drink two litres of water a day again!