Give Your Garden Some Caffeine

Coffee shop culture is a big thing in the UK with many of us enjoying delicious beverages like; extra hot macchiatos, flat whites, matcha lattes, frappes, soy cappuccinos and babycinos on a daily basis (yes, they are all real drinks!).

These delicious drinks do well to perk us up because they contain caffeine, which begs the question – could they do the same for your garden?First things first, in general, pouring an actual coffee over your garden is pointless and quite frankly a waste, so avoid doing that.

The caffeine your garden will benefit from comes from coffee grounds. So in honour of National Coffee Day, we thought we would give you some handy tips and tricks on using caffeine in the garden:

Composting using coffee is a really great thing, especially if you’re an eco-friendly gardener. Using coffee grounds as compost means you’re re-using something that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Coffee grounds add nitrogen to your compost pile just like banana skins do, and you can simply chuck used coffee grounds all over your compost heap along with biodegradable coffee filters as well. If you don’t have access to coffee grounds (perhaps you only use instant) then visit your local coffee shop for used grounds.

Major chains even bag up used coffee grounds and put them out in baskets for customers to take for free – a great way to give your garden some caffeine.

Don’t be afraid to ask for them, remember, this is a waste product and most companies will either want to give away the waste for free, or want to be more eco-friendly which means giving you the coffee grounds because you will put them to good use.

Whatever you do, don’t pay for used coffee grounds, they are a waste product and no-one should be charging for them!

Using The Grounds As Fertiliser

You don’t have to compost coffee grounds and can place them straight onto the ground as fertiliser. There are benefits to doing this, but one of those benefits is not adding nitrogen to the soil as coffee grounds added directly to soil do not release nitrogen.

Instead, adding them directly to the soil helps improve soil drainage, aerates the soil and help attract useful creatures like earthworms. What’s more, your garden will smell heavenly after doing this!

What Else Can I Use My Coffee Grounds For?

Even your leftover coffee is useful when diluted with water, so make sure you pour that on your soil as well!

Mix coffee grounds with other organic material like straw to create a mulch

Coffee grounds act as a natural insect repellent, so use them around growing vegetables to keep pests at bay. You can sprinkle some instant coffee grains down to do this, but this isn’t as eco-friendly or effective for that matter

Coffee grounds can be a good cat repellent

If you’re using worms for composting, they absolutely love coffee grounds.

There you have it! Coffee: give your garden some caffeine!

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