National Nacho Day: Mexican Party Accessories

November 6th is definitely one to add into your calendar; National Nacho Day! It’s a great chance for you to enjoy the much loved chips that have been a popular snack around the world since they were dreamed up during the 1940s.

One great way that you can celebrate not only nachos but also a variety of other Mexican treats is with a Mexican themed party. Easy to set up and also the chance to cook up some really delicious dishes; what could be better than a Mexican party?

But what do you need to ensure that your party goes down as well as a spicy salsa? Making sure that you have the right party accessories is the best place to start. So grab your sombrero and come with us to discover the ultimate Mexican party guide!


So let’s start with how you can present all those tasty Mexican treats that you are going to cook up for your guests. One great idea for a centrepiece on your table is a chip and dip basket; these come in a variety of different shapes and sizes including standard bowls and even those that are made to look like a sombrero.

As far as tablecloths go; you have the option to go for bright and vibrant colours or perhaps instead proudly display the red, white and green stripes of the Mexican flag. Don’t forget those shot glasses either, just to make sure that your guests can knock back the tequila as the night goes on.


Once you know how you are going to dress up your table you need to think about how you are going to spice up the rest of the house.

Bunting is an easy way to brighten up the room and really give it a party atmosphere. Why not match it to the tablecloth and go for the colours of the flag; or instead bring a real feeling of fiesta to the proceedings with colourful fiesta themed bunting instead?

The decorating doesn’t need to end there; you could also buy some cut out’s to hang on walls and doors. Chilli Pepper, Cacti and even a Mariachi or two are just some of the design that you can find online.


Now it is time to decorate yourself; there are a variety of different Mexican costumes available. Ponchos, moustaches, shooter girls and of course the day of the dead are all good choices, but if you are looking for something that little bit more of the wall then why not go for a chilli pepper or even a taco costume?

Fun and games

Finally, we have the actual party itself; when it comes to having fun, even the most well decorated party can be a let down if there is the atmosphere isn’t there. So what can you do to make sure that everything goes with a bang? Aside from hiding chilli peppers in everyone’s drinks to spice things up there are plenty of Mexican themed fun and games that you can plan in.

Pinata’s are a must; these great accessories are not only designed for children’s parties but can be great for adults too. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours that you can pick from there is sure to be one that suits the mood of your party. Why not plan a Mexican flavoured game of bingo or perhaps set up a pin the moustache on the mariachi as a way to get everyone in the party spirit?

Throwing a Mexican party need not be a pain; just make sure that you have everything you need to keep your guests shouting ARIBA!

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