Protecting Your Garden Furniture This Winter

In the UK, we don’t get the harshest winters but, the weather we do get can still leave our garden furniture open to damage and wear whatever it is made out of. If you are able to keep it in a storage unit, in the garage or shed then that is by far your best option.

Alternatively if you are keeping it outside, try to ensure it is at least sheltered or under a cover if possible. Either way, at this time of the year you should maintain and clean your garden furniture to either give it the best chance of remaining in good condition while it stays outdoors, or so it is in fabulous condition when you get it back out again next spring.

Here are some top tips to help you protect your garden furniture over winter:

Clean it

You will need to give your garden furniture a good clean with some soap and water and a clean, soft cloth or sponge. Clean off all the dirt and grime then rinse with cold water, allowing the furniture to dry naturally outside if possible.

Your parasol will need a good clean as well. Simply wipe it and let it dry naturally before covering it over and putting it away for storage

Take Off The Cushions

Take off the cushions and wash them following the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are continuing to use your outdoor furniture over winter, keep the cushions in a storage box with easy access for when you want to use them.

Alternatively if you are storing them for winter ensure they are kept inside your house, not in the garage or shed. Either way, ensure they are completely dry before you place them into any kind of storage.

Put Your Chairs Away

You will want to put your chairs either under a cover, away in a shed or garage, or at the very least placed with the top of the back resting on the table so they don’t gather water when it rains.

If the chairs are lightweight, try to keep them in a sheltered part of the garden to protect them on particularly windy days.

Store Your Table

Your patio table will need to be stored with the chairs if possible. If you want to keep it outside or don’t have space for it inside, try to cover it over securely.

If it has a removable glass top, consider storing the glass panel separately with adequate padding and labelling to keep it safe.

Maintain The Furniture Over Winter

If you are keeping the furniture indoors over winter, try to check it at least once in case it has been in contact with damp, or pests have started to nibble on it (if wooden, plastic or wicker).

The sooner you detect any issues, the sooner you can resolve them. If keeping it outside, try to dust off leaves or snow from the chairs and table, even if they are covered to avoid any leaks or debris build up.

Remember all the different types of furniture will have specific cleaning instructions regardless of whether they are plastic, wood, glass or metal. Try to follow the specific care instructions for the particular type of garden furniture you have to keep it in good condition, so it will look good as new come spring.

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