Reclaim Your Garden This Winter

Although Winter isn’t likely to involve paddling pools, a barbecue every weekend and lazy lunches on the lawn, it doesn’t mean it can’t be a glorious Winter haven for you and your family. Here’s how to reclaim your garden.


Remember there are lots of great aspects to this time of year. Less pruning and mowing is needed as the growth of the garden slows down, giving you more time to enjoy it. The variety of shrubs and trees will be covered in beautiful morning frosts, and the grass will become a temporary art piece every morning as the frost tinges it.

You will also attract more birds to your garden as they seek food as much of their natural food from Summer becomes unavailable. And let’s not forget the squirrels you’re likely to watch darting around if you have any trees nearby.

So, there is much to love about this time of year in your garden. Here are some simple tips to make it even more glorious this Winter.

Let there be light

The nights are drawing in very quickly, which means you are losing light every single day. This means if you’re going to enjoy your garden in full after Summer, you’ll want to get some lovely lighting up so the dark nights don’t prevent you from spending time in it.

The cheapest option for lighting is candles, which you can put in old jars, balance on wood chunks or in inexpensive garden candle holders. They add an ambient and romantic light but may not be suitable for windy days, which can be frequent in the colder months.

Fairy lights are a really great investment for your covered areas, and look incredibly beautiful, and solar lights are also great, as they cost you nothing to run and come in many different shapes and sizes. For heftier investments look at recessed patio slab lights and fence based up lights.

Let There Be Cosyness!

There’s no denying it – any smidgen of warmth we might have enjoyed during the Summer is long gone.So the sensible option is to prepare for the cold, ensuring your outdoor area is as cosy as possible so you can keep using it.

The first thing you need to do is be practical – check that your covered area is waterproof and if it isn’t, get that fixed right away. Then look at having an outdoor ‘cosy kit’ in your shed or in your conservatory. This could include blankets, cosy jumpers, thicker seat cushions and even slippers!

A box of warm goodies you can whip out when you’re sat around having drinks with your friends around the table and the Winter jackets just won’t cut it anymore.

Let There Be Fire

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to bring warmth, its fire, and this time of the year is the best time to invest in a fire pit or chiminea because they are all in the sales, so you can grab them for a bargain price.

Let There Be Brights

Many people paint their garden in brights for the Summer, thinking it’s the best time for colours because they will enjoy the visual effect the most during the warmer months. What many people forget it, the brighter and more inviting your garden is, the more likely you are to want to spend time in it, whatever the weather.

Brighten up those Winter BBQ’s, the view out of your kitchen and those Winter gardening sessions by covering your garden in bright colours. Invest in comfortable bright accessories like pastel candle holders, bold garden ornaments and even consider painting your shed a lovely beach hut blue! Don’t feel that the time of year should prevent you for brightening up your garden. The weather is dismal, but it doesn’t have to dictate how happy your garden feels when you’re in it.

Remember, your garden remains yours over the Winter months, so reclaim it and make it beautiful and comfortable for Winter so you can enjoy it all year round.

*Header image source: allaboutevelyn – Flicker

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