Rosé Wine - A Summer Delight

Rosé wines are some of the most deceptive wines in the world. The pretty pink colour is often looked as not being strong or interesting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rosé wines are made in a couple of ways. The correct way is to crush red wine grapes, like Zinfandel. Then you leave the skins in contact with the pulp for up to three days. After that, you remove the skins from the fermentation process.

The wine will have a rose colour and a touch of the flavour of the skins.

The incorrect way that some less scrupulous wine makers use is simply throw a few glasses of red wine into a vat of white wine. If you stay away from extremely cheap rosés, you will be fine.

The Rosé Wines

Here is a list of the most popular rosé varieties.

Grenache Rosé – Sometimes a high acid wine, there is a great depth of flavour in this wine. Hibiscus, rose, strawberry, and honey are some of the flavours that you can find in a bottle of Grenache Rosé. They are typified by a bright red, ruby colour that can be a very complex flavour.

White Zinfandel – This tends to be a very sweet wine, with flavours of cotton candy, lemon, green melon, and raspberry. Typically served very cold, this is probably one of the most popular rosés in the world.

Tavel Rosé – A desert-dry rosé, this wine is typically high in alcohol and low in acid. The depth of flavours can be astounding. This is in reality a blend that can have up to 9 different varieties in a single glass. Rumour has it that this was Ernest Hemingway’s favourite wine, so there is no issue with this being a man’s rosé.

Tempranillo Rosé – Typically made a powerhouse red wine in the Rioja region of Spain, the rosé has a peppercorn and spicy taste. There is a depth of flavour that is reminiscent of meat, like beef jerky or fried chicken. This is a rosé that has the power to stand up to nearly any food.

Syrah Rosé – The syrah, or shiraz, grape is another powerful fruit that builds big taste in red wines. As a rosé, it tends to be very fruity, with cherry, strawberry, and peach flavours. It can often have a bit of ‘funkiness’ reminiscent of a brie cheese.

Pinot Noir Rosé – The red version of this wine is a light and easy drink. As a rosé, it is ultra-crisp. With hints of sour apple, watermelon, and strawberries, it is a sweet treat that works great as a summer beverage, a perfect natural replacement for sugary wine coolers.

There are dozens more types of rosé wines that are all worth tasting. It is a great wine style that is a perfect mid-point between the crispness of a white wine and the tannic strength of red wines.

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