Solo Traveller: 7 Places to Relax the Mind

Travelling alone can be daunting but entirely invigorating. The idea of escapism is never more apparent than when journeying alone and spending time on relaxation and reflection. However, relaxing is only possible in a safe and embracing environment.

The following 7 destinations offer a wonderful opportunity for the sole traveller to relax the mind.

1. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an exquisite destination, with glorious beaches and luxurious accommodation. The island is also a perfect location for the sole traveller to learn yoga and invest in some quality relaxation.

Some resorts, such as Caribtours, dedicate their venue to solo travellers and so safety is assured along with holidaying with like minded souls.

2. Wales

Somewhat closer to home, Wales offers a veritable feast of relaxing environments for the solo traveller. Escape to the mountains for some soul searching up high, or rent a cottage in the valleys for some alone time in the peaceful countryside.

3. Val d'Isere, France

For the solo traveller who relaxes through activity, Val D’Isere is the perfect destination. Solo skiing can be invigorating as well as unwinding. Relax on the slopes and take part in some socialising of an evening if the mood takes you.

4. Greece

The ultimate solo traveller was arguably Shirley Valentine. If you’re looking to avoid talking to the wall, find some sun and space on one of the stunning Greek islands. Tourism is such a necessity to the country that safety is ensured and sunshine, hospitality and serenity is guaranteed.

5. India

India is the perfect destination for any solo traveller who is looking for some self-exploration, reflection and relaxation. Whether taking stock in Delhi or embracing solitude in Kerala, India has a destination to suit all.

Of course, yoga, meditation and ayurvedic treatments help wonderfully with soul searching and with heat, food, incense and smiles, the country is guaranteed to hold you for years to come.

6. USA

They speak the language and the food is all recognisable, so instantly there’s two concerns not to stress about. Make like Reese Witherspoon and trek through some American wilderness or hike the Grand Canyon whilst gathering your thoughts and resolving your tensions. Temperate weather and American hospitality is sure to warm even the most burdened soul.

7. Italy

The Italians are renowned for their embraces and welcomes and travelling relatively close to home is often a winner for the solo traveller. Relax with a glass of wine and some sublime food and watch the world go by in one of the country’s outstanding cities. Lose yourself in relaxation whilst exploring Rome or embrace some retail therapy in Milan, find love in Venice or absolve all stresses in Sicily.

Italy guarantees to soothe and tense mind.These are just a few places where you can relax the mind, reflect and regenerate. Have we missed any places? Let us hear your suggestions below.

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