Sunburst Mirrors – Brighten Up Your Home

If you’re passionate about interior design you may have come across one of these gilded creations before, these striking mirrors have a fascinating past and if used correctly can create a stunning focal point.

So what exactly is a sunburst mirror? These mirrors are decorative in style with each design resembling a sunshine motif. Their attractive frames recreate a radiant sunshine, designed in a range of finishes from the classic ornate gold to the more contemporary glass finish. Each design is set to captivate.

Complementing the summer interior design trend beautifully, sunburst mirrors are a great way to add a decorative flair to any wall.

Brief History Of The Sunburst Mirror

With design roots dating back to the Middle Ages these lavish creations have a fascinating history. The sunburst as a decorative motif has its roots in medieval religious art.Traditionally the sunburst mirror was first attributed to King Louis XIV of France who was referred to as the “Sun King.”

His name was derived from his love and passion for that of the sun. The story goes that King Louis was the first to popularise the sunburst motif as a fashionable emblem. It wasn’t however until the late 17th century when King Louis established a glass factory, that the world saw a significant improvement in the quality and size of these mirrors.

Now that we have established that Sunburst mirrors have been around for centuries, their designs have naturally evolved with more contemporary sunburst styles being created. The modern designs provide a more understated elegance whilst still resembling that of a sunshine motif.

Often crafted from all mirrored glass or metal these finishes add an alluring charm to your living space without dominating your interior. The modern spin on these classic mirrors allows versatility, meaning you can place a sunburst mirror in just about any setting and it will add luminosity to your room.

Decorating With Sunburst Mirrors:

When it comes to decorating with these mirrors the possibilities are endless, however because of their dominance in a room and their pure beauty, strategically positioning one of these sunburst mirrors in your home could help create the ultimate wow factor.

Above A Fireplace – We all know that the fireplace is more often than not the focal point of any living room. Therefore positioning a sunburst mirror is only going to complement this main feature as well as adding that extra sparkle.

These mirrors will work as an accent above your fireplace instantly catching the attention, radiating beautifully and offering a delightful setting for your family room. Sunburst mirrors definitely don’t need any other accessories in order to steal the attention, however if you like, you could add subtle decorative accessories to your mantle piece.

In Your bathroom – Not your traditional bathroom mirror however we have seen a shift recently as people move away from the classic, plain bathroom mirrors and move towards more statement pieces. Try replacing your current mirror or mirrored bathroom cabinet with one of these striking pieces for an unexpected elegant touch.

The simple addition of one of these sunburst mirrors is certain to transform your entire bathroom space. Complement the mirror with wall lights flanking either side of the mirror helping to illuminate it beautifully.

Entrance Hallway – Your entrance hallway is your first chance to impress guests on entering your home. Position a sunburst mirror in this space to instantly wow guests and demand the attention. This statement piece could be featured on its own or alongside other furniture such as an accent chair or a console table.

A further advantage to placing a sunburst mirror here is that it is able to project the light helping to create the appearance of a larger space.

Above Your Bed – From petite to grand in scale a sunburst mirror can create a beautiful accent above your bed. They work beautifully on their own adding radiance and luminosity however they would also look great pieced with other mirrors and accessories.

Try placing multiple small round or oval mirrors decoratively around the sunburst mirror to create a striking high impact. Hung in a group on a neutral plain wall these mirrors would make a great alternative to a piece of wall art.

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