The Best Sandwich And Wine Combos

Most people think it was the Earl of Sandwich who invented the sandwich, it was actually a commoner who worked for him that invented the perfect food delivery vehicle: two slices of bread with delicious filling in between.

Pairing wines with sandwiches can seem perplexing, but it is really quite easy.

Tea sandwiches

To judge by the name, it would be sacrilege to drink wine with these dainty little treats. Well, wine goes with everything. Tea sandwiches are small finger sandwich made with soft bread, the crusts cut off, and with fillings that are strongly flavoured. Anchovies, watercress, smoked salmon, even caviar can all fill tea sandwiches.

Pairing – Crisp white wines, such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a chardonnay will pair perfectly with nearly any tea sandwiches. For a bolder choice, you might try a smooth and clean Australian Shiraz. Look for a red wine that is not too tannic

Picnic Sandwiches

These sandwiches are designed to be a meal. With a few sides, you’ll have full stomachs and happy guests. Chicken salad, ham, and roast beef are all in the mix. A Ploughman’s Lunch is a great way to serve your guests. Simply bring cheeses, meats, and breads and let everyone make their own sandwiches. Cheese paired with onion or relish are classics as well.

Pairing – A Pinot Noir or a light red table wine works very well with sandwiches that have cheeses and meats. Bold flavours, like onion, mustard, and relish, will work very nicely with a powerful red like a Chianti or Tempranillo. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box; white wines with seafood and red wine with meat is simply a guideline. The Gods of Wine will love you for changing it up. Perhaps something a little more floral such as a Chenin Blanc or a crisp Viognier would work well here.

Coronation Chicken Sandwich

A classic British food, Coronation Chicken is made from chicken meat, raisins, herbs and spices. The mayonnaise-based sauce is coloured and flavoured with curry. While it can be eaten separately, Coronation Chicken makes a wonderful sandwich filling.

Pairing – A bold and dry white wine will pair very nicely with the mayonnaise sauce. Semillon, White Rioja, and Trebbiano are all perfect. The big flavour and dry texture are excellent at cutting through the fats and highlighting the spices of the curry.

Sausage Sandwich

No matter what type of sausage you use, sausage sandwiches are the perfect companion for wine. The toppings, like tomato sauce, ketchup, or sauerkraut, give this sandwich a heavy and bold flavour profile.

Pairing – The unctuousness of the sausage sandwich can pair very nicely with a Pinot-based sparkling wine. Yes, a sparkling wine. The strong flavour of the wine paired with the effervescence of a sparkling wine can help to accent the taste of the sandwich.

No matter what sandwich is your favourite, wine is the perfect mate. Don’t forget to think boldly with wines. There are so many possibilities that there is no way to do this wrong. Enjoy!

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