The Costa del Sol? The Best Weather in Europe?

When it comes to picking a sun destination these days we are swamped with options. Brits alone love to head to Spain, Greece and Portugal whereas newer destinations along the Adriatic such as Croatia and further east such as Bulgaria are equally proving popular.

It is also often a challenge to find something new that is perhaps less touristy or built up and most importantly for the slightly older amongst us we want to avoid the loud youngsters and their 1830s holidays.

When we started to look at facts such as weather, facilities, distance, beaches and activities we soon seemed to find a winner simply based on statistics. Whilst Portugal and other parts of Spain may seem equally as popular, the Costa del Sol seemed to come up trumps in a number of our desired factors for a lovely beach holiday.

The Costa del Sol in Spain is extremely popular and attracted 10.6 million visitors last year alone. The Costa del Sol looks out onto the Mediterranean Sea and extends along more than 150 kilometres of coastline and amazing beaches.

The region offers boating, golf courses, sports facilities, casinos, plus leisure and entertainment options. Tourism is a major industry in the region and brought €11.5 billion to the region in 2015, with 10.6 million people visiting the Costa del Sol in the same year.

With this in mind our friends at Sun Search Holidays have put together a cracking infographic for us to give you more of an insight into Costa del Sol and why it’s proving to be so popular.

What does it cover? Easy, average temperatures compared to other regions, popularity and of course what to pack! So without further ado her we go, the Costa del Sol in a nutshell:

Have you been to the Costa del Sol recently? Did you have a great stay? Let us know and get in touch below.

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