The Peru Mountain Hotel

Dubbed as the ‘most terrifying hotel in the world’, ‘scariest hotel room ever’ and ‘the coolest hotel in the world’, the Peru Mountain Hotel is certainly arousing interest within the tourist world. Located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, this unique accommodation is surrounded by sublime scenery and unforgettable views.

The hotel consists of three pods, suspended from a 400ft cliff in Peru called Via Ferrata, that are fully transparent. The company markets the hotel by asking potential guests whether they have ever wanted to sleep in a condor’s nest. If they have, then apparently this is the perfect accommodation for them.

The vista

Offering exceptional views and the potential for a wonderfully unique experience, The Peru Mountain Hotel is only accessible by scaling the sheer rock face to reach them. Officially called the Natura Vive Skylodge, this hotel is not a cheap experience.

Costing from £202 per person, prices can increase to include additional experiences such as zip-wiring and so only the most committed fans are likely to make use of this experience.

The Pods

Each of the three suites (pods) has four beds, separate bathroom, dining area, luxury bedding and curtains for anyone requiring privacy. Packages offered include the use of a bilingual guide, breakfast and dinner with wine – perhaps to steady the nerves prior to arrival.

For the engineers amongst us, the materials used to build the pods include aerospace aluminium and weather resistance polycarbonate. The pods are 24ft long and 8ft high and wide, giving ample room for manoeuvrability.

This may be a truly unique and innovative hotel, but previous guests have rated the accommodation as A+ and it seems that those who have stayed in this weirdly wonderful setting have nothing but good things to say.

For more details check out the operator Nature Vive.

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