The Solo Traveller: Top Places To Go & Relax The Mind

Being a solo traveller can be as liberating as it is daunting and relies heavily upon careful planning and destination choice. Travelling alone can open up opportunities for exploring a country as well as exploring one’s self and it is vital to do this in a safe and relaxing area.


Relax the mind. One of the most wonderful destinations for solo travellers to visit, when looking for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, is India. Moreover, Goa offers solo travellers a wealth of relaxing areas and the safety of secure lodgings to suit all budgets. Known as a hippie destination, Goa promotes individuality, expression, meditation and acceptance.

Those who prefer guidance through relaxation can take advantage of the multiple meditation and yoga classes available. Instructors will be keen to welcome new members and guide them through new techniques to achieve relaxation and rest.

Goa is a hive of Ayurvedic treatments and medicines. Solo travellers who are keen to dismiss the stresses of daily live are likely to find solace in the independent therapists that can work wonders with natural remedies and common ailments. Such therapists often offer multiple treatments and spa days. This is an exceptional way to relax and ensures that solo travellers receive a lot of attention and care during their quest to rejuvenate.

City Breaks

City breaks provide an excellent opportunity for solo travellers to visit new destinations without compromising safety. Cities are often the busiest but most secure areas and those travelling alone will benefit from the knowledge that several other tourists are likely to be in the area.

One of the most wonderful cities to visit is Italy’s capital, Rome. Rome offers tourists a wealth of wonderful experiences and guarantees a busy day of activities with wonderful relaxing moments by famous sights, with sublime food. The Police patrol the streets at all times, ensuring that those who travel alone need not feel intimidated.


Solo travellers might also consider destinations closer to home, particularly if this is their first experience of traveling alone. The British Isles offer a feast of exciting destinations that may often be overlooked in the pursuit of farther away shores.

However, travellers who want to test their own company and abilities to journey alone may be better placed to explore areas such as the Highlands, Norfolk Broads, Welsh mountains or Cornish coast. These areas allow for reflection and relaxation, whilst offering time for solitude and safety of familiar cultures, language and currency.


For solo travellers who want the comfort of a known language whilst embracing the opportunity to experience a new culture and further journey, English speaking countries may be ideal. Destinations such as Canada and Australia allow solo travellers the opportunity to meet new people and see sights not available in the UK, whilst fully understanding the language, laws and culture.

This is a safe option that ensures travellers will enjoy new locations with relative ease. These countries often attract tourists from over the world and this allows for excellent opportunities for solo travellers to meet new people and experience a variety of cultures and traditions through the new friendships they form.

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