10 Top Cities for Street Food

Despite being inexpensive and easily accessible, street food is renowned for being tasty and excellently traditional. Street food is able to give tourists an insight into how natives live, eat and communicate and provides a cheap way to eat whilst journeying through a city. Here are our top cities for street food:

1. Tokyo

Tokyo prides itself on being a hectic and diverse city. With people rushing from one spot to another, street food is a popular choice for grabbing quick dishes with ease.

Favourite street food includes sashimi, oysters and okonomiyaki pancakes.

2. Rio de Janeiro

With options including seafood, cheesy bread (pão de queijo) and pastry options, street food in this vibrant city is tasty, fresh and filling.

3. Istanbul

It is no surprise that this city makes the top ten for street food destinations. With famous kebabs, pittas and pizzas, Istanbul is a veritable heaven for quick bites.

4. Kingston

Kingston is a lively and bustling city that welcomes tourists with energy and sincerity. This is reflected in the city’s street food, with mind blowing jerk chicken.

5. New York

It would be unjust not to feature New York in a list of top street food cities. With excellent hot dogs, sandwiches and fish dishes, New York offers exceptional value and wide choice.

6. London

Heavily influenced by international cuisine, London offers a huge variety of street food options. For those searching for some British favourites, dishes such as baked potatoes, fish and chips, burgers and soups are available at every turn.

7. Rome

Of course the capital of Italy should be included in this list. Home to arguably the best best pizza in the world, breads, pasta dishes and gorgeous gelato, Rome offers something to suit all tastes.

7. Bangkok

This manic city that seems insanely full of natives and tourists has an abundance of street food vendors. Anyone who has visited this city will immediately recognise the smell of the streets, which inevitably includes the hotplates and smoke from cooking. Fish, rice, noodles and vegetables are cut, mixed and cooked in a variety of ways, making a new dish available on every corner.

9. Marrakech

This stunning Moroccan city is a haven for street food eaters. With tagines, hummus, couscous and meats available, this fresh and tasty city guarantees to satisfy all appetites.

10. Amsterdam

Yes, it’s a city full of diversity and hedonism, but Amsterdam offers some excellent street food options. The Dutch are experts at quick, inexpensive food and favourites include frites, waffles, crepes and sandwiches. The Dutch are a friendly bunch and will welcome the opportunity to introduce tourists to new tastes.

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