Top Picks: Kleine Kapelle Pinot Grigio

This week’s wine is among the cleanest and crispest white wines available. The Kleine Kapelle Pinot Grigio is a dry, aromatic wine. The incredibly clean flavours are accented with tropical fruits and a delicious, fresh aroma.

Between 2012 and 2014, this wine has consistently received solid reviews from wine lovers on Vivino. This is a light Pinot Grigio that offers a hint of acidity. There is a slight pineapple sweetness that contrasts very nicely with the tart red apple flavour that holds up the front of the wine.

Of course, Pinot Grigio is traditionally an Italian wine, but the Kleine Kapelle is a northern German vintage that more than holds its own. In many ways, the northern climate gives it that distinctive acidity that many Italian versions are missing.

An anonymous review posted on seems to sum up the impression this wine makes on people: “My best white wine is also from the Co-op (most branches I hope) = ‘Kleine Kapelle’ (German) Pinot Grigio which is EXCELLENT.”

Kleine Kapelle is located in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. This is one of Germany’s most important wine regions. The area is between the Rhine River and the Haardt mountains. The region has about 23,500 hectares of vines and is very popular for its Pinot Noir and Riesling.

The Pinot Grigio grape is also known by its French name Pinot Gris, owing to the grey colour of the grape on the vine. In German, the Pinot Grigio grape is known as Grauburgunder. There is a large variety of colours of the grape and the wines can vary from nearly water clear to a copper colour.

The wines, like the Kleine Kapelle, are typically light and clean, with a hint of apples and tropical fruit. Many have enough dryness that they should be paired with food. The Kleine Kapelle, however, is soft enough that it can be consumed by itself.

These wines pair very well with spicy foods, pork, and cured meats. It also complements mushroom-based dishes very nicely, with the light clean flavour contrasting well with the earthiness of mushrooms.

The Co-operative offers the Kleine Kapelle at an excellent price. This is worth having on hand for any occasion that requires a clean, delicious wine with wonderful highlights. A lovely little find.

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