Top Picks: Peter Klein Pinot Gris Trocken

For 14 generations, the Klein family has been making wine in Germany. Peter Klein carries on a long and proud family tradition in his production of a classic Pinot Grigio or Grauburgunder. Crafted in Pfalz, Germany, these are more than simply nice wines, it is a classic representation of the subtlety and grace that makes this grape ideal for nearly any event.

Peter Klein is young and has been listed among the best up-and-coming winemakers in the world. His attitude to winemaking is dynamic as he seeks ways to turn traditional wines into new flavours and styles.

Klein’s Pinot Grigio is a light, low acid white with mild hints of clay, fruit, and sunshine. It provides a warm mouth-feel while being very non-confrontational. If you are looking for a wine that has the grace to stand up to a meal and yet be light enough for everyday, this is the ideal wine. The Grigio is well regarded, but is often eclipsed by Klein’s Riesling in popularity and availability.

Klein’s vineyard covers 22 hectares in the Pfalz region of Germany. This area is famed for its breathtaking whites and long traditional extraordinary vintners. Today, this region is being led by Klein and other young winemakers who find themselves in an international market that is filled with amazing wines. These innovators are finding ways to coax new flavours out of grapes that have been domesticated for thousands of years.

The Pinot Grigio grape has been cultivated since the Middle Ages. In Burgundy, it was known as Fromentau and was in favour throughout Europe and the Austro-Hungarian Empire until about the 1400’s. It was lost to time, until being rediscovered growing wild in a field. It struggled for popularity until the early 20th century because it was notorious for low yields and unreliable crops. German vintners were able to develop varieties that were more predictable and offered larger yields.

Pinot Grigio is actually an ancient mutation of the Pinot Noir grape, having almost the same DNA except for a colour mutation. The differences in flavour between the two grapes is caused by the way that the wine is processed as well as the taste of the grape itself.

In Germany, the Pinot Grigio grape represents about 5% of the total acreage dedicated to grapes. It is a perennial favourite and the Peter Klein Trocken Pinot Gris is a consistent example of the quality that can be achieved with it.

If you are seeking a clean and distinctive drink that pairs with nearly any food and anyone, this is a perfect wine. Often, it is mistaken as non-committal by those who want a wine that is highly assertive. The Peter Klein Trocken Pinot Gris is a softer, but no less complex, wine that will delight everyone at the table.

In a nutshell

  • Colour: White Wine

  • Grapes: Pinot Grigio/Grauburgunder

  • Style: Soft, low-acid White

  • Closure: Natural Cork

  • Flavours: Fruit, Dried Flowers, Sunshine

  • Great with: Seafood, Light Cheeses, as a solo beverage

  • Country: Germany

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