6 Top Storage Ideas For Your Garden

When you put a lot of effort into your garden, you naturally accumulate a large amount of kit, so here are 6 Top Storage Ideas For Your Garden! With a lot of effort and care for your garden it means you always have the tools for the job, whatever your latest project involves.

However, being this well prepared also comes with its downsides, namely – where on earth are you going to put all of this stuff?

Unused plant pots, half used bags of compost, garden tie’s, garden string, garden tools, seeds – the list of gardening debris is endless. Is it any wonder so many of us have a shed that doubles up as a giant version of that messy cupboard we all love to pretend we don’t have?

We know that storage (or lack of it) can be a common problem with all gardeners, no matter what their skill level, so here are a few top tips to help you neatly provide a home for all your gardening stuff:

1. Unused Space

This sounds so obvious, but we can often get so used to the way we use a space, that we don’t ever think to look at it with a fresh perspective. It is likely there is some space in your garden that you can use for storage.

Perhaps it’s a section of fence that could safely hold some shelving or boxes, room beneath the decking, or even space behind the greenhouse. Even the smallest amount of space can provide useful storage, you just have to see it to use it!

2. The Shed

Your shed is a wonderful, wonderful thing and it is likely it has lots more storage potential than you realise. Internal organisation is key, and needs to be your top priority. Before you do anything you will need to completely empty it in order to see it as a blank space and to ‘reimagine’ the design. It’s also a great chance for a clearout as well.

After that, look online for inspiration and think in the same way as a certain Swedish furniture maker, and try to opt for innovative, space-saving storage options that is clever in its design.

It is also worth jazzing up your shed with a lick of paint and a few repairs here and there to give you a bit more pride in it, making you much more likely to put effort into its upkeep and organisation.

3. Boxes

If you don’t have a shed, or want extra storage on top of your shed, why not consider a garden box? You can get a box as it is, which is waterproof and padlocked.

Or if you want something prettier, you could opt for a dual purpose box that is also seating (with a few cushions added). Or a low log store that is also a table. There are lots of options, it’s just a case of changing your perspective.

4. Hiding Things

This may seem like the equivalent of ‘throw it all in the spare room and close the door, no-one will know’ but it does work for certain garden items that can be unsightly.

Big garden items like children’s trampolines or slides and bins can be easily concealed by the way of a screen. You can easily make one yourself using trellis or wooden posts and woven material, or you could purchase a screen ready-made.

5. Turning Your BBQ Into A Kitchen

Standalone BBQ’s are rarely attractive, and we rarely want to put them in the shed because they take up lots of space, or because they are often grubby. One way to make a standalone barbeque more attractive is to instead either construct your own outdoor kitchen or incorporate it into an outdoor style kitchen setup.

So consider surface-mounted grills, cupboards, hidden doors and covered worktops. It might seem a little bizarre but, if you spend a lot of time outdoors cooking, this could be a great addition to your garden.

6. Lift Items Up Or Create Storage Higher Up

If you find you have limited storage space on the ground, you have two options. The first is to lift items on the ground higher up to give yourself lower space.

For example, your patio might be overcrowded with pots, in which case a wall garden could be a good option for you, or some hung pot shelving. This would leave you space on the ground for a pretty storage box, or dual storage and seating.

Alternatively, you could create storage options for yourself off the ground. Perhaps you have a raised area that could provide the perfect spot for a side access storage box, or your log store is quite low and could easily house some shelving on top.

Try not to think of the space you have available as only being ground level and you will realise you have a lot more potential storage space than you realised.

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