Top Wine, Cheese & Food Hampers for Christmas

One of the favourite gifts every Christmas is a wine and cheese hamper. It is the ideal gift. It, well, wine and cheese. Both of these words are synonymous with love. Of course, they are also available with tea, biscuits, and more, but the best ones have wine and cheese.

1. Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum and Mason offer the Christmas Celebration Hamper as nearly the ultimate gift. It contains a biscuit tin, spiced preserve, spiced marmalade, coffee and tea. There are also bottles of Riesling, Chianti, Madeira, and Blanc de Blancs Champagne. There is a Christmas Pudding, Cognac Butter, and a drum filled with an outstanding truffles selection.

It even comes with party favours, including mini gold crackers, gold baubles, and Long After Dinner Trivia. This is a basket that contains everything you need for a day long party except the guests. The entire hamper costs £275, a bargain compared to purchasing the individual items.

2. ihampers offers many different options for the holidays. One of our favourites is the Good Tidings Hamper. It is a great deal at only £59.90. It contains a bottle of wine, a Home Farm Shiraz Merlot.

There is Christmas pudding, mince pies, strawberry crèmes, fruit cakes and biscuits. There are lovely crisps and several preserves. All of this is delivered in a lovely open wicker basket.

3. Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer offers their fantastic delicious hamper year round. On their website, it goes by the highly creative name of Delicious Hamper with Wine. It contains Metropolitan Biscuits, Luxury Gold Tea, and Raspberry Soft Set.

Of course, it comes with a bottle of Bordeaux Merlot. At only £50, it is an excellent bargain. M&S also offers free shipping, even to the United States, so the Colonists can enjoy these delicious European treats.

4. Lewis & Cooper

The Taste of Italy hamper from Lewis & Cooper is an excellent change of pace. To accompany a delicious bottle of Le Dolci Colline Prosecco, this hamper comes filled with Italian favourites. A 3 pack of mixed salami, wild boar ragu, penne pasta and Italian coffee make this hamper a perfect dinner for two or more.

It’s £58.25 and includes free delivery to the mainland UK. This is a great basket for anyone who misses the flavours of Tuscany or Sicily.

5. Harrods

Of course, to most of the world, the most quintessentially English store is Harrods. Their Christmas Carol hamper evokes the tastes and smells of the season. It comes with spiced coffee and loose leaf black tea, honey and clementine biscuits and winter spiced biscuits, three kinds of sweet spreadable and a classic Christmas pudding.

It even includes a distinctive Christmas bauble to place on the tree. At £100, it is an ideal for anyone you want to tell that you love and value them. For wine options, and should your wallet or purse feel a little more frivolous, then take a look at the Knightsbridge, Eaton and the Celebration of Christmas Hampers.

6. Fifteen Cornwall

Fifteen Cornwall offers you a chance to give a great gift and do something nice. They offer a wine gift set (in a box, so not technically a hamper) with 3 of their Fifteen Brand wines: bianco, rosato, and rosso. Plus if you or the recipient are a lover of Jamie Oliver, then it’s a perfect match.

All of the proceeds go to the Cornwall Food Foundation. These fine Italian wines bring the tastes of the Continent with great feeling that you have done something wonderful.

No matter what you choose, you can be assured that the person receiving a thoughtful and delicious hamper will love what you have done. So go forth and enjoy this Christmas season. Share the joy with a wonderful Christmas hamper.

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