Travel Food: 8 Countries That Make The Best Sandwich

Although the sandwich can be considered to be the most humble of foods, this is a dish that is recognised worldwide for its potential.

The simple sandwich is ever increasingly popular at fine dining outlets and is a staple of the cheapest street food vendors internationally. There are some countries that are synonymous with the dish and have invested a great deal of time and effort into creating impressive and tempting options and designs.Below are the top 8 countries for sandwiches.

1. The UK

Unavoidable in this list! GB is arguably the spiritual and literal home of the sandwich and we’ve spent centuries perfecting our fillings.

Whether it be a luxurious meat and accompaniment or a simple crisp or jam, we pretty much enjoy most things slapped between two slices of bread.

2. Italy

The Italians know how to cook and eat and so it’s no surprise that their sandwich offerings are sublime.

The panino consists of thick bread often filled with mozzarella, tomato and pesto. Meat options are readily available. Served warm, these dishes are moorish, comforting and heavenly.

3. US of A

America is renowned for her burgers and as such, sandwiches follow suit. Of course, the bigger the better and fillings are as varied as they are delicious.

Often comprising of a meaty focus (think pulled pork, pastrami or thick steak chunks), with a sharp vegetable such as onions and oozing with a sauce. These sandwiches are not for the fainthearted but are utterly divine.

4. India

India’s street food is recognised worldwide as being some of the best available. The country’s sandwich offering comes in the form of vada pav, a vegetarian dish.

Vada pav includes battered, fried potatoes housed in a bread roll and served with a variety of chutneys. This is a tasty and inexpensive dish that satisfies as well as impresses.

5. Turkey

Turkey’s sandwich offering is so good that it’s become a British staple. Doner kebab meat (and other varieties) served in bread such as pitta, with salad and dressings is as basic as it is delicious.

This offering epitomises the idea of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

6. Venezuela

Cornmeal arepas are the basis of the Venezuelan sandwich offering. This inexpensive bread acts as a staple accompaniment to many meals and when used in a sandwich, forms the foundations to a variety of fillings.

Venezuela recognises that humble does not mean boring and as such, these are sandwich that fill as well as fascinate.

7. Germany

Germany’s non-nonsense approach is visible even in their sandwich offerings. Available readily in most of the country’s eateries, the leberkase semmel is a basic sandwich comprising of bread, meat and mustard if desired.

Though possibly less imaginative than other nation’s creations, the leberkase semmel is guaranteed to be delicious, satisfying and simple to order!

8. Uruguay

In Uruguay, the chivito is a staple of most natives’ diets. Served in many top rated restaurants, the dish comprises of a small roll which embraces steak, egg and vegetables.

Often served with fries, this is a sandwich that’s readily available throughout eateries countrywide.We don’t know about you but we’re starving! Feel we have missed out a great sandwich from somewhere in the world? Then contribute below!