Travel Hacks: The 5 Things That Do Everything

When you are travelling, it can be difficult to pack everything you need. One of the best ways to make sure you have what you need, to be able to enjoy yourself, is to choose items that can do lots of different jobs well.

While several of these are specifically for backpacking or hiking, it might not hurt to have them when you are staying in a hotel or at a resort. Here are 5 travel hacks that should help you.

1. Castille Soap

The liquid form of castile soap is gentle and can be used for almost anything. Castile soap is typically concentrated, so you can bring twice as much as you will use. When you get to where you’re going, store half and mix the other half with drinkable water.

You can use it to wash yourself, clothes, dishes, and just about everything else. If you use it to wash food, remember, it isn’t a disinfectant so bad food will just be clean bad food.

2. Hand crank radio/flashlight

There are many different brands of radios that are both hand-cranked and have solar cells for power. They also have built-in flashlights and emergency lights. The non-battery power source is a huge key. If you are stranded someplace dead batteries will make your radio useless.

A radio can keep you up on the weather and can even give you a sense of how far you are from a town or city. Of course, a constant source of light will be a huge help in an emergency.

3. Zippo Lighter

While it might seem to only do one thing, make fire, a Zippo lighter is a powerful tool when you need one. The lighter can be taken apart in an emergency and the steel can be used as a knife. The flint, wheel, and fuel-soaked filling can be used to start a fire, even if the lighter is torn apart.

High polish lighters can be used to signal at long distances by reflecting sunlight. An empty Zippo case can be used as a safe place to store other items, like matches or medicines.

4. Web Belt

These woven belts are standard issue for military personnel around the world and with good reason. The belts are very strong and durable. Because they are flexible, they can be used to hold things up in trees, support your body weight, and to hold a tent together.

They are also great for attaching things to because, with the right buckle, they can be tightened as much as you need them to be.

5. A fixed blade carbon steel knife

This might seem obvious, but a good quality hunting or military issue knife can do much more than simply cut things. You can use it start fires, as a spike to hold things in place, as a way to mark a trail, and, of course, for self-defence.

The key is to not get a huge knife, but also not too small. Typically, a 25 centimetre knife will work great. If it is too large, it can get unwieldy.

Many of these things would be standard for hikers and outbackers, but it is a good idea to have them with you regardless of where you are. If there is a catastrophe or an emergency, you will be glad that you packed them, even at a resort, a hotel, or at a relative’s!

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