Valentine’s Day Destinations

Valentine’s Day, whether you love or hate it, has become one of the poignant parts of post-Christmas calendar focuses. No longer is a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers acceptable, but grand gestures of romance, lust and desire are necessary in order to win or secure the heart of The One.

The following is a guide of some unique and accessible Valentine’s Day Destinations to wow your loved one! However, lovers need not be daunted by the increasing need to impress and rather, see this as an opportunity for a mid-February getaway – under the guise of true love!


Our first Valentine’s Day Destination is Stratford Upon Avon. If there’s one chap who epitomises romance, it’s our impressive Brit, William Shakespeare. Take your loved on a trip to Shakespeare’s birthplace. For those who are inclined, the RSC offer excellent shows of some of the wordsmith’s most famed plays.

Alternatively, there’s some spectacular pubs and eateries throughout the town and with the beautiful rural backdrop, it won’t take much to encourage the romance!


Oxford is a beautiful city and one of the UK’s proudest destinations. For those looking to bring a memorable experience to this Valentine’s Day, make like Daniel Weaver and take your Bridget Jones on a punting trip.

There’s a multitude of boat hire options available and whether you read poetry to your loved one or simply focus on not falling in, this makes for a fun-filled and unique Valentine’s experience. Of course, it’s all but imperative that you follow this with a meal at one of the city’s countless dining options and you’ll surely have earned a champagne or two!


For those looking for an innovative idea that allows for a fashionable retreat and some privacy for romance, yurt hire in Somerset might be just the thing. Luxury yurts with private bathrooms offer couples the ideal opportunity to explore the medieval scenery of Somerset, the superb local food and glamping gone even more glamorous!

The Yurt Retreat offers sublime yurts set at the foot of a castle and surrounded by some of the Uk’s finest wildlife, making for an intimate and breathtaking getaway.


For couples who are more enticed by a lively night out, the Welsh capital of Cardiff can do no wrong. This is a city full of life, culture and excitement and with multiple luxury hotels, there’s nothing stopping couples enjoying a wild night in the bars and clubs and retreating to the romantic seclusion of a suite in the city centre.

With countless award-winning restaurants and a multitude of bars offerings Valentine’s deals, this is the perfect opportunity for a few drinks, sublime food and if the hangover permits, a stroll around the emotive and stunning city the following day.


OK, it won’t involve travel and you’ve seen every inch of it before, but don’t rule out your own home as the perfect destination for Valentine’s night. After all, the money you’ll save on accommodation, travel and entertainment can be invested in ingredients, games, wine and gifts.

Spoiling your loved one at home has budget conscious benefits, but also offers an imaginative effort that isn’t quite mirrored elsewhere. Furthermore, where better to create lasting memories of romance than in your very own home? If you’ve experienced a romantic special Valentines Day Destination, let us know!

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