Vegan & Vegetarian BBQ Food

Barbecues can be a nightmare for vegans & vegetarians on so many levels, least of which is being offered bland, uninspiring food as the only non-meat option.

Have you ever thought the meat-free option seemed to be a bit of an afterthought?

If you're hosting a barbecue, it's always worth giving thought to those who don't eat meat, and these recipes should help you offer something tasty and memorable.

Grilled Veggie Skewers (vegan)

A colourful vegetarian skewer with a little chilli bite and tons of flavour.

Cauliflower BBQ Wings (vegan)

Crunchy, spicy BBQ wings which are full of flavour and 100% vegan. Pleasing on the eye and the conscience.

Bean Goulash (vegan)

A cheap and easy recipe which can be served on a jacket potato, in a tortilla, or with nachos. Even the meat-eaters will be coming back for more.

Spiced Falafel Burger (vegetarian)

Nothing says BBQ like a fully stacked burger. But with this spiced falafel burger you can have all the flavour but none of the meat.

Grilled Paneer Salad (vegetarian)

This is as far as you can get away from droopy lettuce and tomato salad. The grilled paneer salad brings the taste of India to your BBQ in this healthy but tasty treat.

Hopefully this has tickled your tastebuds and has inspired you to crack open the BBQ this weekend and make a series of healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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