Vini Vici – Sparkling, Biodynamic, English Wine

Vini Vici has evolved since a passionate wine drinker, decided to take a WSET course and make a hobby an inspirational business venture.

The aim of Vini Vici is to be a singular outlet for the best quality wines England has to offer. The current website showcases their retail venture, yet they are also forging ahead with Trade customers, by supplying some prestigious restaurants locally to them in Leigh-on-Sea as well as in London.

English Wines

English wine is forging ahead with award winning sparkling wines of an exceptional standard. Our growing weather in the south of England has always been compared to wines produced in Germany, but over the last few summers, the climate has been closer to the champagne region in France. It’s a relatively undiscovered and under exposed market presently, but that is all set to change.

The team regularly visit vineyards and wine producers in order to procure the highest quality wines, by priding themselves on ensuring distinction and exclusivity.

What is interesting is that as part of their wine portfolio, Vini Vici have included organic and biodynamic wines for the more health conscious and nutrition driven among us, such as wines from the famous organic Sedlescombe Winery based in Sussex.

Banging the drum

It’s great to see more people involved in promoting English wines and Vini Vici are no exception by being committed to raising awareness about locally produced wines. They truly are a passionate envoy for home grown produce!

But it is not only left to local wine distributers and vineyards to highlight that English wines are on the up. Perceptions are changing fast, this can be seen in the national press and media coverage showcasing the significant awards in international competitions.

If you also cast you minds back to Wimbledon this year, the lovely Pinot Gris from the Bolney estate in Sussex, was the first English wine to be featured at the tournament. Michelin star restaurants are also adding them to their wine lists.

The future

Champagne’s reign as the king of the bubbles may be finding its crown dislodged, as sales not only of Italian Prosecco are surpassing it, but also over the past decade production of sparkling wine has increased by more than 40%.

English sparkling wine has achieved excellence in a short period of time, it displays a unique citrus and mineral freshness. Hand picked and with high production costs ensures aspirational wine with an aptly higher premium value, they are rightly being perceived as world class.

If you haven’t already, don’t hesitate to try some now, (okay maybe not this minute), we guarantee you will not be disappointed, plus it’s fun to experiment and discover what lovely vintages our isles are producing. After all, the south of England has the same rich, quality soil as the Champagne region.


Because Vini Vici are not affiliated to any other large importer, merchant or grower, they can be totally objective in the wines they choose and offer to their customers. They are also able to negotiate and sell at the most competitive rates.

Most importantly, it’s great to see more companies springing up that are actively promoting, selling and enjoying English wines, which is great by us.Take a look at the selection they have here and get tasting!

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