Vivino Top for Discovering New Wines

Vivino has certainly been hugely popular over the last couple of years and now boasts to be the world’s largest wine app.


Vivino was founded in Copenhagen 2010 and offers everyday wine consumers a way to track, discover and share their wine experiences via the App.But Vivino is not just another wine app. It is the fastest and easiest way for consumers to access the wines of the world by connecting consumers and wineries globally. At present, more than 10 million people are already Vivino’ing – changing the way people interact with wine.

The Vivino mission is to share information and reviews of wines via a bottle’s labels using the app. Simply point your smartphone or tablet at a wine label – in a store, at a friend’s house, at a wine tasting – and it will tell you what Vivino’s 9 million app users think about it. In addition, the app gives you reviews of wine stocked at retailers in your local area!You can also leave your own reviews, create wines that haven’t been tagged yet but also update/amend incorrect information.


As mentioned te app will give you a list of local shops that stock the wine you’ve scanned but also goes deeper than this. The app can give you food recommendations, grape descriptions as well as a pie chart report of the wines you have reviewed/glugged based on types of wine, countries and wine regions.


Not only can you review wines but the app also keeps you afloat with news, guides and top tips. You can also see posts and reviews from top Vivinoers and see what they are drinking as well as follow interact with them. The more active you are the higher your ranking in your country (If you must know I am currently ranked 157th in the whole of the UK out of 10s of thousands, just saying…).

You also receive badges for various achievements such as scanning of wines from certain countries, number or reviews, volume of scanning and more.


This really is a fab app if you love wine and there’s nothing more fun than cracking out the phone in a restaurant to swot up on what you’re drinking. Equally, if you’re struggling to pick a wine on a shelf, scan the labels and see what’s coming up top trumps!

Check out Vivino here to download the free app.

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