Wellie Styles - Make A Big Splash

For many of us, we spend a lot of time in our wellies all year round, but Autumn and Winter are when they really come into their own, and we really appreciate them brightening up our time outside in the sometimes turbulent British weather.

Whilst it’s perfectly fine to think function and practicality when selecting a pair of wellies, it’s also lots of fun to choose the most fashionable designs, or the most fun designs, because – why not?

Here are 8 trending welly styles:

Riding Style

If you do ride, you’ll know what a rider style boot looks like. It usually reaches just under the knee and dips around at the back. Generally the toe area is more pointed off than squared or rounded, and the heel is usually quite low. These are incredibly flattering and look great, regardless of what you’re going to use them for they are an excellent choice for people with particularly thin calves as they tend to be slimmer than standard wellingtons.

The only downside is the fact they can be a little more costly than standard wellingtons, and they often only tend to come in muted colours like blacks and browns.

Welly Wedges

These tend to be ankle length with a wedge heel. If you were reading this thinking that this style does not sound very practical, you’d be right, we certainly wouldn’t recommend them for gardening!

Great fun, but not the number 1 choice for keen gardeners.

Wellies With Heels

Just like the wedge, only the sole tends to be firmer on these wellingtons to provide more support for the heel. Again, this is certainly not a practical choice for most gardeners, although if you’re always in heels and struggle to wear flats, these could be the ideal garden footwear solution for you.

Chelsea Wellington

We all the know the Chelsea boot has been the Autumn/Winter boot of choice over the last few years, but this waterproof welly version is quite the new style trend.

There are PVC style versions, matte versions and slightly more practical looking versions, so plenty of styles to choose from. A great option for those who want more flexibility in their movement, and who want a more stylish welly boot.

Ankle Boots

Just like normal wellington’s, only they sit at the ankles, rather than just below the knee. These are a fun version of the standard wellington and just like the Chelsea Wellington offer more flexibility of movement.

They come in a wide variety of colours and prints and are widely available on the high street.


That’s right, see through wellingtons are officially a thing! These fabulous inventions are an excellent choice for the thrifty welly wearer. Just think about it, you can change the style of your wellingtons with every single pair of socks you own!

High gloss

Colourful wellingtons have always been big on the festival scene, but the bright and shiny boots are now being well and truly embraced by everyone and anyone. Bright yellow ones, purple ones, pink ones, and even union jack ones – any colour or print you want, you’re likely to find it.

A high gloss colour or print is a fabulous way to brighten up the traditional welly, and why not! We particularly love the new pastel shades hitting the shops.


For those looking for a classic wellington with a twist, the quilted wellington is a really good option. Some come with a quilted mould, so they are still plastic but have a quilted texture.

Others are soft and cushioned. Opt for the quilted ‘look’ if you want a classic wellington with a stylish twist (they look great in high gloss black), opt for soft and cushioned quilting for a soft country look and a very comfortable fit.

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