What Prosecco Shortage?

There have been plenty of reports recently forecasting a Prosecco shortage in late Summer this year due to a bad harvest, meaning that stocks of our favourite new fizz were supposed to be drastically down.

However, some experts in the trade played down everyone’s fears stating that speculating at that stage was impossible and that equally demand was being met with no issues in the foreseeable future.

Prosecco Shortage Rewind

If you cast your minds back to May and June when the bubble gloomers were out in force to scare us into stocking up on the nation’s favourite new tipple, we are yet still to see rows of empty cobwebby shelves that once harboured shiny foils and bright coloured labels. Rejoice! In fact every shopping trip I have undertaken has had full stock of proud Prosecco bottles, be it in crafty little wine specialists or the supermarkets.

So why were they forecasting a shortage? The alarm bells started ringing as one of Italy’s biggest wine regions Veneto, which produces much of our Prosecco, endured a particular bad harvest due to extreme weather conditions in 2014. Therefore the forecast for 2015 wasn’t looking brilliant with fears that too-high a demand could lead to a shortage, especially for the UK which is Prosecco’s biggest foreign Market.

Prosecco Panic

The British press were going wild as this dilemma turned into a very British panic, along with the forecast of snow, quinoa, kale, chia and almonds shortages and an end to chocolate as we know it, as highlighted by Marco Mancossola from the Guardian where he discusses our Western affliction with fine foods and our tendency to panic!

The Daily Mail even ran an article called ‘How to beat the Prosecco shortage’ talking about the worst grape harvest in 5o years and offering alternatives. Have people forgotten about Cava? Prosecco is just a current trend until the next sparkling superstar comes along.

The problem is? The description ‘Sparkling Wine’ isn’t great. I mean stepping up and ordering a bottle of ‘Sparkling Wine’ just isn’t sexy no matter how lovely the wine maybe. This is disappointing as there are some amazing Australian and British sparklers! We need a better name, post your suggestions below, would love to hear your ideas. Let’s start a movement.

What's Champagne?

Let’s face it, Prosecco is very Italian, it looks great, it’s über cool on your table and just sounds hot. I would also hazard a guess ordering a bottle of Champagne just isn’t what it used to be and Prosecco wins most of the time plus it’s easier on your pocket.

The proof? Last year Prosecco outsold Champagne with a striking 55% increase in sales on the previous year.

The now

So far so good, our taste buds and bubble cravings appear to be safe for now. The original forecast of no Prosecco in two months back in May seems to have fallen flat on its face. Equally, our own terrible sun harvest in this country could also have been a factor, as our dreadful summer this year has prevented many of us enjoying days and weekends in the rays glugging cold bubbles at various outdoor parties and BBQs.

Either way it’s looking good and if Prosecco does indeed run out, then remember there’s always Cava…

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