What To Do With Your Tree After Christmas

During Christmas it is so easy to get carried away buying a new tree, real or fake, without any thought at all about what you’re going to do with it after Christmas. It’s just too exciting getting it and decorating it to worry about anything after the big day.

We give it the same attitude we give eating too much, spending too much, drinking too much and generally being merry – Christmas is called the season of excess for good reason!

However, once Christmas is over and the decks need to come down, you’re going to need to finally address what you are going to do with the tree. If it is artificial, you will need to get rid of your old artificial tree to make room, and if it is a real tree you have quite a few choices as to what to do with it.

Here is What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After Christmas!

A Real Tree Without Roots

If you have bought a real Christmas tree without roots you could recycle it via your local council who will place details of how you can do this on their website, on a flyer they post, or on a communal information point (if you cannot see information on any of these, contact the council and ask).

You might have to drop it at a collection point, or they might collect it from outside your house. Remember – you must remove all tinsel and decorations and follow any other instructions given by your council before placing the tree in the designated collection point.

The tree is likely to be shredded and sprinkled in local woodlands. Alternatively you could chop the tree up yourself and compost it or put it in the garden waste bin, place it in the hedge for the birds to use for nest building, or you could contact local zoos or rescue centres to see if they take Christmas tree donations – many use unwanted trees for extra enrichment for the animals.

A Real Tree With Roots

If you invested in a tree with roots, you need to care for it during Christmas by displaying it in a cool room and bringing it inside the house for decoration as late as you can – living trees should ideally be in the house no more than 12 days.

After Christmas you can plant the tree out in the garden if you don’t want to use it again next Christmas. You could also grow it in a container and keep re-potting it as it grows bigger, using it again and again every Christmas.

Artificial Trees

There are lots of different things you can do with an artificial tree. Unfortunately, recycling isn’t an option but you can avoid putting it in the black bin for landfill.

Consider donating it to a charity shop or local charity if it is in good condition. Offer it to family and friends if they need a tree or express an interest in it. Donate it to the local school or college to use. You could also sell it on a car boot or exchange it for other goods using an official site.

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