6 Wine Apps Every Wine Drinker Needs

Everyone who loves wine can tap into some amazing mobile phone apps that can bring more life and excitement to drinking wine. These apps range from educational to personal and, of course, ones that are full of ratings on specific wines.

1. Plonk

Plonk for Android and iOS is a great educational app. It allows users to discover different types of grapes and styles of wines. Looking a bit like the periodic table of elements. Users can simply push one of the buttons and discover the particulars of individual grapes.

They can then rate the grape according to their tastes. This is a great app to take to the winery. Never again will you be caught guessing how a particular grape is likely to taste.

2. Wineratings+

WineRatings+ (iOS) comes from Wine Spectator. There are details on wines from 55 of the world’s most important wine growing regions. There are reviews of specific wines, including collectability and pricing.

Every detail is carefully laid out in the same way that the magazine’s ratings are. Premium users can get updates as pricing, ratings and availability change.

3. Vivino

Vivino (iOS, Android) is one of the most popular wine apps in the world. It allows users to look up wines. Users are able to scan a wine’s label and it will automatically index the wine. There are user ratings and pricing information.

There is a cellar management feature for premium users. If a wine is not recognised, it allows users to add new wines easily.

4. Hello Vino

Hello Vino (iOS, Android) is an app that is designed for the everyday wine drinker. This allows users to peruse wine styles and discover the perfect wine with a meal or a special occasion.

There is even a California-based wine concierge available for users to call when they need more information. Users can take pictures of the wines that they have purchased and keep a record of their favourites.

5. Drync

Drync (Android, iOS) allows users to take a photo of the labels of their wines. They can find information on pricing, availability, tasting notes, and much more. Drync allows users to even order wines online.

This is a great place to get recommendations from friends or from the app’s database of reviews.

6. Delectable

Delectable (iOS) has the unique feature of providing users with access to news feeds from top sommeliers and wine makers. With a photo of a label, one can find information on a wine and keep a personal journal of their personal notes. There is a social feature to Delectable that allows users to tag friends and record the location where they have a wine that they particularly liked.

The development of smart phones has made keeping track of wines and finding great information on them easier. With apps like these, users are able to grow their knowledge of wines and create amazing wines cellars.,

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