Wine Tasting Holidays

It happens every year… “Where shall we go on holiday? The beaches of Greece? The hills of Scotland? The fjords of Norway?”

Why not take a holiday that will tickle your taste buds and introduce you to cultures one glass at a time? Wine tasting holidays are available around the world, from the mountains of Chile to the ancient hills of Italy. They are often accompanied by some of the world’s most amazing foods and sights that will be all you talk about for a year.

Here are a few wine tasting holidays you must try!


One of the world’s secret holiday spots, everyone knows they make wine, but few people realise the quality that Argentinian vintners are producing!

From bold reds to delicate whites, a tour through the Argentine wine region is a tango of extraordinary foods and even greater wines. A trip to Argentina is a journey to an emerging land of new sights and wondrous wines.


There is an apocryphal story about some of California’s great winemakers going to Chile in the 1970’s to look for a locations for vineyards. It is alleged that one of them said, “If God were to design an entire country for making great wines, it’s Chile.”

In the intervening years, Chile has become one of the world’s foremost wine nations with a massive influx of experienced master winemakers from Europe and California. An entire country that lies at the foot of the mountains, Chile is a holiday and a wine experience like no other.


Among the millions of reasons to visit Italy is the amazing and ancient wine tradition in Tuscany and other areas of Italy. Tuscany produces wines that have been the gold standard that other wines are measured against. Many of these trips include traveling with a sommelier to guide you through wine tasting.

New Zealand

The Marlborough Wine Trail is one of the most amazing holidays. Not only are some outstanding wines being made, but you can actually cycle your way around as you meet some truly amazing wine masters.

The journey through the volcanic mountains and breath-taking greenery is the perfect complement to the lovely wines that you will remember forever.

California (Napa Valley)

Once a risky backwater to France, Napa Valley is now one the most seasoned and respected winemaking regions in the world. Not only are there amazing wineries to visit, but Napa Valley is an easy distance to Berkeley and San Francisco.

For Europeans, going to Napa Valley might seem like a bit of a betrayal of the great and legendary wine houses of France, but only until you take your first sip of these outstanding California wines.

Day Wine Tours

In most places in the world, it is possible to take weekend wine tours to a region near your home. Most of Europe, including England, has easy to get to regions that produce wines of great quality. The nicest parts of a local wine tour is that you will get to meet the producers, make new friends, and experience wine in its most original forms.

We strongly recommend visiting our native vineyards as many English wines are outstanding and day trips are a lovely day out with walks and good nibble food to accompany the wines. Kent, East & West Sussex are great regions for wine, so make sure to try out a few. Here's a little mini list to get you started:

Biddenden, Kent

Breaky Bottom, East Sussex

Bolney Wine Estate, East Sussex

Chapel Down, Kent

Henners, East Sussex

Nytimber, West Sussex

Ridgeview, East Sussex

Sedlescombe Organic Wines, East Sussex

For more English vineyards check here.

For a wine aficionado, a wine holiday can be the most wonderful vacation. Filled with lots of time walking in the sun and tasting beautiful wines, you will likely discover what really makes wine the world’s beverage: each bottle of wine is a tiny piece of the culture in which it is created.

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