Winter Flowers

During the winter months gardening can be a little tougher, and challenging. However, for many people, especially those who enjoy gardening as a hobby and use it as their main form of exercise, the cold weather simply isn’t a good enough reason to avoid doing it for an entire season.

For that reason, many of us like to pop our thick socks and wellies on, wrap up warm and make the best of it – for true gardeners, there’s never a season where the garden can be just ‘left’ unless you want more work in the coming months.

Some gardeners will focus on planting vegetables in winter, some in general maintenance, and some like to continue adding to the garden, planting foliage and flowers. Visually, the main interest in the winter garden comes from bright stems, rich evergreen leaves and berries, but the most magical point of interest to both look at and smell are the winter flowers.

Flowers that smell beautiful should always be placed closer to the doors and windows than other plants so you get the most enjoyment out of them. Remember to also consider the fact that your winter flowers won’t look their best in summer, so you might want to plant them in pots or containers that you can move about.

Things To Consider

When you are creating a garden full of lovely winter flowers, you have a lot to consider. Are you going to use containers and pots? If so, how big will they be and what sort of style are they going to be? You may purchase pots to move the flowers but then realise the pots are far too heavy to handle when full of soil – think about these things before planting.

You also need to consider the types of flowers you are getting as many won’t give you a definite bloom or a continuous bloom over the season, especially if the temperatures or weather conditions are particularly challenging.

You may want to consider a wide mixture of winter flowers combined with plants that grow berries, coloured bark and evergreens to ensure you have lots of potential for a good visual display in winter. Like all seasonal displays or projects, it does pay to spend time planning and considering the different elements to ensure you get the best possible results.

Winter Flowers

Remember, plants are living things and may provide sporadic growth or bloom patterns depending on the weather. They may also take a long time (years) to reach their maximum height, so you might not get an initial ‘wow’ factor with your display if you opt for plants in their junior stages of growth.

Flowers of particular interest in winter are abeliophyllum distichum, which provides lovely white blooms and a nice scent as well. Daphne mezereum are great for drama and splashes of colour with purple/ red flowers and hamamelis smell beautiful and bring a lovely happy visual with yellow blooms.

All differ in their planting needs and potential height. Also consider; clematis, bergenia, helleborus niger and iris.

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