Wow Factor: The Conrad Hotel, Rangali Island, Maldives

The exoticism and allure of the Maldives is unquestionable, though the grandeur and luxury of the opulent Conrad Hotel on Rangali Island is utopian. The exceptional decadence of the accommodation and the first rate service make this the dream hotel in the dream destination.

Arriving by seaplane to the private island, guests will be mesmerised by the Indian Ocean resort which is is exquisite in every way. The hospitality that greets visitors is first rate and every need is catered for. Whether escaping the mania of everyday life for a relaxing break or seeking an action-packed getaway on one of the world’s most decadent islands, this is a destination that promises to impress and inspire.

Guests are offered a multitude of unique activities to make the most wonderful of memories. From swimming with some of the world’s most beautiful and fabulous sea life to underwater dining, the Conrad Hotel works hard to ensure that experiences are thoroughly enticing for all.

Begin the day swimming with sharks, spend the afternoon relaxing on the sublime sands of the shore and the eat sumptuous dishes in the breathtaking undersea restaurant, whilst enjoying exotic cocktails prepared especially for you.

Such a luxurious setting attracts the most elite clientele and guests are catered for with determined focus. Whether looking to partake in fitness or enjoy a spa treatment, the Conrad Hotel has some of the most impressive facilities of even the highest regarded hotels.

The resort even boasts three onsite shopping outlets, offering the finest in Italian fashion, elegant jewellery and fabulous gift ideas.

Entertainment is by no means limited to daylight hours. The hotel offers an exceptional and varied nighttime offering. With traditional Maldivian music and dance through to meditation and cocktail lessons, the Conrad Hotel aims to engage guests in an abundance of entertaining pastimes, irrespective of the time of day.

Children are also more than welcome at the resort. The Majaa Kids’ Club guarantees to engage children throughout the day with a host of activities. With highly trained and specialised staff, parents can rest assured that the little ones are experiencing the best of the hotel with age appropriate entertainment.

For those who have worked up an appetite with the thrilling activities on offer, the Conrad Hotel is home to no less than 12 restaurants. Catering for a variety of styles and tastes, each restaurant guarantees the highest quality ingredients and first rates standards of service.

Guests can choose from beach dining through to room service and for those with a lighter appetite or twilight hunger, the cheese and wine bar offers an indulgent opportunity to sip and nibble whilst admiring the stunning surrounds.

The Maldives has long been considered as a prime destination and dream location for tourists throughout the world. The Conrad Hotel takes this vision one step further and offers the highest standards of opulence in the most exquisite of settings.

No hotel could work harder to meet the desires of their guests and every taste is catered for in this luxurious, welcoming and unique resort.

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